SINGAPORE (July 5): Tikehau Capital, the controlling shareholder of the manager of IREIT Global (IREIT), is increasing its stakeholdings in the manager as well as the Europe-focused real estate investment trust.

Tikehau Investment Management Asia Pacific (TIM AP), Tikehau Capital's arm in Asia, has agreed to acquire 4.52% of the shares of the manager IREIT Global Group from Dolphin Two. In addition, Tikehau Capital has agreed to acquire an additional 4.39% of the units in IREIT, the Europe-focused real estate investment trust.

TIM AP holds 80% of the shares in the manager and Tikehau Capital holds 3.61% of the units. Following the completion of the transaction, TIM AP will hold 84.52% of the shares in the manager and Tikehau Capital will hold 8.00% of the units.

Bruno de Pampelonne, chairman of Tikehau Investment Management SAS and partner at Tikehau Capital, says, “Tikehau Capital remains very committed to grow IREIT. The increase in stakes in the Manager and IREIT is a clear testament of our dedication and demonstrates a greater alignment of interest with the unitholders.”

As at March 31, Tikehau Capital operates eight offices out of Europe, United States, South Korea and Singapore, and manages €14.2 billion ($22.6 billion) worth of assets in four key asset classes. The real estate business, which commenced operations only in 2014, saw the fastest growth in assets under management, reaching €2.2 billion as at March 31.

Shares in IREIT closed at 76 cents on Wednesday.