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Elixir of youth

Samantha Chiew
Samantha Chiew • 4 min read
Elixir of youth
Each jar of LENE contains 1.5g of dry bird’s nest, an amount that is specifically tailored for optimal absorption
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Having good skin is hard work — it is not just about having a skincare routine with good products, but also about what you consume

Finding the right skincare products that will help you have that glowing and radiant skin can be tough, but you do not have to solely rely on serums and creams for great skin. You are what you eat, and there are certain foods out there that have benefits to promote healthy skin.

Drinking lots of water, eating your fill of fruits and vegetables and taking your vitamins are common dietary habits to ensure healthy skin. But a traditional trend that is once again bathed under the spotlight is consuming bird’s nests for more radiant and smooth skin.

Being in Singapore, we are in close proximity to some of the largest sources of bird’s nests — Indonesia and Malaysia. While it is also home to strict food processing standards, the bird’s nest products in Singapore are typically of high quality and full of nutrients.

So, why is bird’s nest often called the elixir of youth? The answer is in the epidermal growth factor (EGF) found in the bird’s nest. It is a specific protein that promotes cell growth, thus resulting in multiple benefits such as reduced wrinkles, plumper skin and lighter pigmentation.

Consuming bird’s nests have been also known to help speed up recovery in certain ailments such as coughs while promoting overall immunity thanks to the high glycoprotein content, as well as relieving fatigue and improving digestion.

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With many brands in the market, it can be rather tough to find one that is of good quality. It has been also known for some brands containing any actual bird’s nest. This is where homegrown brand LENE comes in.

Launched last year, LENE offers freshly cooked bird’s nests sourced sustainably and made from pure and highest quality ingredients providing only the best nutrition. The brand aims to bring more people on board the journey of beauty and better health.

According to founder Jaclene Liew, LENE is a celebration of her past as she grew up enjoying her mother’s bird’s nest brew. A supplement and tonic common in traditional Chinese medicine, Liew’s mother would double boil bird’s nest for her as an ailment for her asthma.

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Liew then started LENE to make quality and nutritious bird’s nest products available to a younger and more health-conscious market. Each jar of LENE contains 1.5g of dry bird’s nest, an amount that is specifically tailored for optimal absorption.

She says: “Bird’s nests should be taken in small amounts every day and not in large amounts as the body can’t absorb too much of these nutrients, similar to how it works when we take vitamins.”

It is more effective to consume bird’s nest on a daily basis, rather than eating a large amount occasionally. Liew also recommends consuming on an empty stomach right after waking up or before bed for optimal absorption.

LENE’s bird’s nest brew is also specially made with no sugar and no additives — just bird’s nest double boiled with a touch of all natural zero calorie monk fruit sweetener and distilled water. Unlike most brands that sell their bird’s nest in a rock sugar solution, LENE insists on serving their bird’s nest without as it believes that sugar is unhealthy, especially as it has been known to accelerate skin aging process.

Options had the chance to taste test LENE’s bird’s nest and we recommend consuming it cold as it makes for a refreshing thirst quencher. As predicted, the brew is not sweet at all, making it perfect for those who are diabetic or on low-caloric diets.

LENE recently redesigned its packaging, which now features swallows and an oriental theme meant to associate the brand with grace and beauty, while reintroducing the traditional tonic to a new generation of consumers.

A box of six jars costs $158, which makes for a great gift. But if you are considering purchasing for yourself, you can opt to grab a subscription that will cost you $488 for four weeks — a savings of 22%. This will be delivered to you in a sustainable packaging, without the box.

Photo: LENE

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