SINGAPORE (July 16): Paris Couture Fashion Week held at the start of July saw a stylish pairing of Maison Chopard and Italian designer Giambattista Valli. The result was a respect for creativity, the use of exceptional materials, unique artisanal expertise and perfection at every step of the process. Every model on the runway was adorned with Chopard’s beautiful creations. How did it all begin? Impressed by the latest designs to emerge from the Chopard Haute Joaillerie ateliers, Valli asked Chopard co-president Caroline Scheufele to enhance his latest creations at the Haute Couture runway show on July 2 by pairing them with the jewellery. And an artistic partnership was born.

• Necklace in 18ct white gold set with an octagonal step-cut emerald of 22ct and pear-shaped diamonds (61ct)

• Necklace in 18ct white gold set with pear-shaped (23ct) and round brilliant-cut diamonds (17ct) and brilliant-cut diamonds

• Long necklace in 18ct white gold set with ashoka-cut diamonds for a total of 43cts


• Necklace in 18ct white gold set with heart-shaped and pear-shaped emeralds for a total of 42cts, round-shaped (12ct), marquise-cut (10ct) and pearshaped diamonds (18 ct)

• Necklace in 18ct white gold set with pear-shaped (36ct), brilliant-cut (35ct) and marquise-cut (2ct) diamonds and featuring 11 pear-shaped emeralds for a total of 96cts

• Long necklace in 18ct white gold set with rose-cut diamonds for a total of 54cts

• Earrings in 18ct white gold set with pearshaped diamonds for a total of 18cts

Reboot your skin
Kenzoki has introduced two new skincare products: Belle de Jour Sacred Lotus Face Lotion and Eye Contour. The main ingredient is the sacred lotus flower, which is known to protect skin from stress, replenishes vitality and gives skin a glowing complexion. 

The rainbow connection
Inspired by the principles of sustainability, Salvatore Ferragamo has relaunched the 1938 shoes, which were created for actress Judy Garland. Only 100 pairs are available. The shoes are made of hand-finished platform in wood and crafted with organic cotton that has passed the high standards of the Global Organic Textile Standard criteria. The lining of the shoe is made of leather that is finished with no carbon dioxide emission or water consumption — all done using a special technology. Every shoe purchased will be wrapped in 100% biodegradable cotton bags and recyclable cardboard shoe boxes. 

In time
Prevent sagging skin and wrinkles early with Clarins Extra-Firming Jour & Nuit creams. Clarins Laboratories has done extensive research on combating the ravages of ageing by closely studying the dermis. It has sourced a new extract of organic mitracarpus, whose triple action on collagen and elastin fibres and the links of firmness visibly promote the skin’s elasticity. 


Timeless creations
Prada’s new range of eyewear is a marriage of timeless classics and a touch of the modern. The shape of these shades are fashionable today just as they were in the 1960s. The lines are clean with eye-catching details such as well-placed metal elements.

This article appeared in Issue 839 (July 16) of The Edge Singapore.

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