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Femme finesse

Audrey Simon
Audrey Simon • 6 min read
Femme finesse
The RM 07-01 stays true to Richard Mille’s dedication to performance and precision
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Though historically male-dominated, the world of watch collecting is seeing a surge in female enthusiasts gaining recognition for their expertise and collections. Women appreciate the craftsmanship, delicate movements, intricate designs and luxurious materials used in mechanical watches, which adds to their appeal.

One timepiece that ticks all the boxes is the RM 07-01 Automatic with a compelling tagline that says The Art of Seduction. At the core of Richard Mille’s women’s collection lies the timeless allure of RM 07-01, a creation that fuses elegance with artistry. Two prominent timepieces are the TZP black and ATZ white ceramic models, which come adorned with diamonds and delicately secured by individually crafted and polished red gold prongs onto the ceramic surface. 

The timepieces have rightly claimed their position as the most sought-after collection. They stand as a testament to Richard Mille’s unwavering dedication to style and the brand’s core values, which are a relentless pursuit of innovation and ongoing research and development. Each aesthetic choice complements the technical features within an elegant and open design. 

Innovation and harmony
In 2014, Richard Mille completed their second in-house calibre, the CRMA2, crafted for this collection, drawing upon the brand’s expertise. The variable-geometry rotor enhances energy efficiency based on the wearer’s activity level. The automatic winding mechanism, featuring hours and minutes, is a testament to the craftsmanship evident in all Richard Mille timepieces.

The CRMA2 calibre integrates with the barrel-shaped case (45.66 x 31.40 x 11.85 mm), forming a harmonious union. The balanced proportions of this pairing provide a canvas for exploring new technical or precious materials, ranging from red gold and white gold to Carbon TPT and Gold Carbon TPT, as well as ATZ white and TZP black ceramic. 

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The bezel and case back are machined from Carbon TPT, an exclusive material renowned for its distinctive damascene appearance. This material is also featured in the Richard Mille RM 07-01 Intergalactic collection. This collection captures a sense of wonder and connection to the universe with four new timepieces: RM 07-01 Dark Night, RM 07-01 Starry Night, RM 07-01 Bright Night and RM 07-01 Misty Night. 

Carbon TPT is crafted from multiple layers of parallel filaments derived from carbon fibres. These layers, with a maximum thickness of 30 microns, are infused with a matrix and woven on a specialised machine that alters the weft direction by 45° between each layer.

Subjected to heat at 120°C and six bars of pressure, Carbon TPT is then prepared for processing on a CNC machine at Richard Mille’s case factory. This material enhances resistance to breaking stresses by 25% and micro-cracks by 200% compared to other advanced carbon materials. The three-part case boasts water resistance to 50m, ensured by two Nitril O-ring seals. Assembly of the case is accomplished with 12 grade 5 titanium spline screws and abrasion-resistant washers made from 316L stainless steel.

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At the heart of the gold dials, an array of materials, including diamonds, black sapphires, jasper, onyx, mother of pearl, or Carbon TPT, takes centre stage. In some pieces crafted from white and red gold, the snow setting elevates their allure. Additionally, two TZP black and ATZ white ceramic models are adorned with diamonds. Each red gold prong is individually crafted and painstakingly polished to hold the set diamonds on the ceramic surface securely.

Heritage reinvested
The bracelet, which integrates with the watch case, ensures ergonomic comfort and security with its double deployment buckle, completing its overall look. Each link undergoes meticulous treatment, featuring bead blasting, satin finishing and polishing.

These details honour its predecessors’ historic artistic and technical expertise and pave the way for future models enriched with diverse perspectives and innovation. Adaptable to individual desires and aspirations, the RM 07-01 Automatic effortlessly balances modernity with timeless allure. 

The development of the RM 07-01’s full Carbon TPT bracelet alone took 15 months and involved over 360 crafted components. From the precision setting of diamonds with individually manufactured prongs to the exclusive design of the open link bracelet, every element of this timepiece reflects the unmatched craftsmanship infused into each watch.

The open link bracelet, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans and only available in this collection, comes in three unique combinations: Snow-set designs for white and red gold and red gold paired with Carbon TPT.  

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A closer look at the main features of the RM 07-01
Power reserve

Around 50 hours (± 10%).

Baseplate and bridges in Grade 5 Titanium
Microblasted grade 5 titanium with electroplasma treatment provides the baseplate with excellent rigidity and precise surface flatness, essential for the gear train’s perfect functioning. Bridges, also crafted from grade 5 titanium, undergo the same microblasting and electroplasma treatment. The skeletonised baseplate and bridges underwent rigorous individual validation tests to meet optimal strength standards.

Fast-rotating barrel (Five hours per revolution instead of 7.5 hours)
This type of barrel provides the following advantages:
The periodic internal mainspring adhesion phenomenon is significantly diminished, thereby increasing performance.
Provide an excellent mainspring delta curve with an ideal power reserve, performance and regularity ratio.
The RM 07-01 uses variable geometry to optimise the rotor’s winding motion.

Rotor specifications
Heavy external outside edge and heavy edge ring in 5N red gold
Weight segment in heavy metal
Automatic winding system OneWay with ball bearings
Bidirectional winding system
This rotor with variable inertia has been incorporated into the CRMA2 calibre as it allows the rotor to be set according to the owner’s activity level. The setting is modified by adjusting the two weights, which can be moved into the correct position and fixed in place by spline screws. The inertia of the movement is increased when the two weights are closer to each other; the barrel then rewinds more quickly. If the weights are positioned away from each other, the inertia is decreased, resulting in the barrel winding more slowly.

The design and execution of the watch demonstrate a complete conceptual approach to the movement, case and dial. As a result, everything has been constructed according to extremely rigorous specifications and in complete harmony. For example, the casing ring is no longer used, and the movement is mounted on chassis mounting rubbers (ISO SW) fixed by 4 titanium screws. Features such as these are evidence of uncompromising workmanship. The three-part case is water resistant to 50m, ensured by 2 Nitrile O-ring seals. The case is assembled with 12 grade 5 titanium spline screws and abrasion-resistant washers in 316L stainless steel.

Bezel side:
In sapphire (1,800 Vickers) with anti-glare treatment (both sides)
Thickness: 1.60 mm minimum
Case back:
In sapphire with anti-glare treatment (both sides)
Thickness: 0.95 mm at the centre; outer edges 1.67 mm

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