SINGAPORE (Apr 9): Staying indoors — be it as a family, a couple or even solo — can be fun with this curated selection of board games 

If classic and stylish is your go-to, then Royal Selangor’s new Lewis Chess Set is for you. Produced in collaboration with the British Museum, the beautifully crafted pewter figurines are replicas of the walrus-ivory originals from the museum’s collection. ($1,150; 

Open a bottle to set the mood as you get into the business of wine-making with Vinhos Deluxe Edition. Hire the best oenologists, choose the best varieties and take part in trade fairs. How do you win? Produce the best wines, of course. ($169.90; 

The award-winning Codenames is right up the word nerd’s alley. Two teams compete to identify the secret names of their spy agents using only one-word clues. Win or lose, it’s fun to figure out who’s who in this game of deduction. ($37.29; 

The intricate but suspenseful Betrayal at House on the Hill involves some strategy and perhaps a little dramatic flair. Players “design” a haunted mansion room by room but a twist of betrayal haunts everyone. ($64.90; 

Geistesblitz has long been a popular choice for children, with its easy game play. It requires lightning-fast reaction, where the first player to grab the correct coloured figurine wins the round. Be warned, it is strangely addictive for adults too! ($39.75;