This week, we share the best ways to nourish both body and mind with two delicious F&B launches and an exhibition that delves into the human psyche 

Central Asian delights

Kafé Samsa/The Nomads

Telok Ayer Street

Continuing its adventure along The Silk Road’s gastronomic trail, modern Central Asian restaurant The Nomads has launched Kafé Samsa, an all-day dining concept located in the space just before The Nomads along Telok Ayer Street, which transforms from a café during the day to a wine bar in the evenings.

Named for a buttery, savoury (and sometimes sweet) local pastry typically enjoyed in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan, the café naturally focuses on this flaky delight, offering levelled-up versions that are perfect for tea time. This pastry is filled with lamb, beef, chicken or mushroom, or for a sweet treat, apples.

Each half-a-dozen box of savoury samsa ($40) comes with a complementary homemade relish made of fresh tomatoes and sage. In addition, Kafé Samsa stocks a range of products such as spices, jam, bread, butter, candy and tea, that are either made in-house or sourced from Central Asia, and are perfect for home cooking and dining.

This includes the Hunter and Gatherer butter ($20 each) from The Nomads menu, which are a popular complement to The Nomad’s homemade naan bread. This decadent seaweed (or mushroom and truffle) butter is bottled for all to enjoy. The Hunter’s Butter ($20) – a spread made with rendered animal fat of the day (examples include duck, lamb or rendered wagyu beef butter) — is also available.

Customers may pop by the café or order online via 

The Social Kitchen

The Social Kitchen, which is the brainchild of two President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Award winners Alvin Mark Yapp and Ang Kian Peng, has announced the launch of its flagship central kitchen located at the Y Cafe in YMCA.

The Social Kitchen @ YMCA will bring nine local food legacies together — including the famous Mingfa Fishball Noodles, Gim’s Heritage and KiomKee Foodstuff — in its cloud kitchen, and hire and train persons with special needs as part of a YMCA initiative.

The Social Kitchen is a social enterprise that creates shared kitchens or cloud kitchens bringing well-known F&B companies together to sell delivery-only and/or takeaway food and beverages.

All the F&B companies operating in The Social Kitchen are committed to hiring people from disadvantaged communities such as people with disabilities, single mothers, low-income families, and their caregivers and family members so they can work side by side. It seeks to make a difference in helping the food and beverage businesses in Singapore survive the Covid-19 economic fallout, while bettering the lives of its special needs and underprivileged beneficiaries 


11 August to 1 November 2020

SPRMRKT at Dempsey Hill

Multimedia artist project duo Paradise Now, consisting of local artists Bryan Tan and Jay Ho, presents “archetypes” at SPRMRKT at Dempsey Hill, illustrating their take on the formation of personalities, its influence over an individual and subsequently, the collective existence.

The exhibition delves into a subject matter universal to all — how one’s personality or self is formed. Simple and minimalist, the pieces coincide with SPRMRKT at Dempsey Hill’s natural, contemporary aesthetics of open spaces and clean lines.

The eight works are inspired by Paradise Now’s research into personality types and their interpretation of the Myer-Briggs Type Indicator’s 16 personality types, eight functional stacks and archetypes. A concept first coined by Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung, the archetype refers to a collectively inherited unconscious pattern of thoughts, ideas, and symbols that are universally present in individual psyches.

In a bid to understand and be understood, this new series explores the multiple facets that contribute to one’s personality, investigating its involvement in their creative process from conceptualisation to production.