The TOTO Washlet has elevated the toilet to a state-of-the-art piece that will complement any home

SINGAPORE (Feb 11): Award-winning American-Cuban singer/songwriter Camila Cabello, who gave us the hit song Havana , once said, “I would wake up really early and go into the hotel bathroom, put a towel over the toilet, and put my laptop there. I’d put my headphones on and just write.”

Main image: TOTO has a wide range of Washlet models

Today’s toilets have become a sanctuary not only for the likes of Cabello but for the rest of us too. TOTO’s wide range of Washlet models allows us to find one that will make a lifestyle difference.

The Washlet was launched in 1980 and has since won a number of awards. The personal water spray has evolved into a highly advanced system with superior functions including better waste elimination, an ergonomic design and adjustable spray nozzle. It is also easy to maintain.


The personal water spray has evolved into a highly advanced system with superior functions

Its other features include Actilight technology. The Washlet is the world’s first toilet to use the photocatalyst technology to clean itself. The combination of an integrated ultraviolet (UV) light and a photocatalytic glaze on the bowl breaks down organic waste, leaving the toilet clean for the next use.

The toilet bowl’s glaze is fired with titanium dioxide and zirconium oxide. The former acts as the photocatalyst and reacts with the UV light to keep the bowl clean. Zirconium oxide is then added to provide superior durability while giving the bowl a shimmering finish.

The UV light installed on the inside of the lid is activated for up to an hour once the lid is closed. Actilight’s features work with oxygen and water in the air to generate the photocatalytic process.

With such a clever system available, we can all perhaps find some peace in our own bathrooms to write that award-winning novel or music, just like Cabello.

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