SINGAPORE (Sept 24): Javier Bardem and Dev Patel have reunited with director Craig McDean for the fourth edition of Ermenegildo Zegna’s Defining Moments campaign. The previous campaign starring the two was set in the sunny hills near Los Angeles. This time round, they explore Madrid decked out in Zegna’s stylish Fall/Winter 2018 collection. The Italian fashion powerhouse has clearly hit the right formula with the Defining Moments series of campaigns. The debut campaign starred veteran actor Robert de Niro and up-and-coming thespian McCaul Lombardi. The men are poles apart in terms of experience, but the campaign captured the conversation and camaraderie between them. The next campaign matched de Niro with dancer-turned-choreographer Benjamin Millepied. Filmed in New York City, it featured them talking about the role the city played in their respective careers.

Relative to the first two campaigns, the third had a more playful tone, befitting the casual line Zegna was presenting. Bardem and Patel are big hitters in the industry, having fronted major hits and won awards. They banter with each other while playing golf, reading poetry, jamming in the studio and preparing a meal together. 

Just like the third campaign, the fourth has maintained the same playful, yet elegant mood.

Patel, wearing Zegna’s couture wool high neck XXX jumper, struggles with reading a map and signs. Then, when he finally approaches where Bardem is, the latter, similarly decked out in Zegna’s collection, pretends not to see him.

In the second video, the two friends visit a contemporary art gallery. Bardem tricks Patel, who is wearing Zegna’s wool and cashmere pile over shirt, into doing a yoga-like stretch that causes him to lose balance and trigger the alarm. They make a hasty exit.

Patel turns the tables in the last video. Bardem, seeing his underdressed friend shivering in the cold, lends him an extra jacket and a scarf. Dressed comfortably in Zegna’s grey Oasi cashmere structured blazer, Patel exacts revenge on Bardem by destroying his ice sculpture.

The faces and locations may be different, but the message in all four campaigns is consistent. Those who choose to wear Zegna not only have good taste; they write their own stories and are confident in their own skin. In short, they define their own moments.