(Dec 9): Is there anything Hollywood star (and Marvel superhero) Chris Pratt cannot do? Fresh off the mega success of the Marvel comic universe movies, in which he plays Star-Lord, and with several other big movie projects lined up, Pratt is indeed a busy man, never staying still in one place for long. Travelling all over the world is, of course, a big part of it all, and it is only natural that he has the luggage and accessories that will go as far as he does. For him, the choice is easy: TUMI, maker of luxury travel and lifestyle accessories for the discerning professional. In fact, having been a loyal customer of the brand for the past decade, Pratt is now col- laborating with TUMI for his very own capsule collection inspired by his personal packing style.

“I have used TUMI luggage for my travels over the past 10 years. TUMI products are sleek, stylish and built to last. That’s why it was such a natural fit to work with them on this collaboration,” Pratt tells Options in an email interview. “It was exciting for me to be involved in the design process and integrate all the personal touches I love into the collection. Working with Victor [Sanz, TUMI’s creative director] and the design team was a new and eye-opening experience. It’s something I’ve never done before and it really showed me the attention to detail that goes into creating each bag.” The collection comprises nine thoughtfully crafted pieces, including (large and small) two-in-one backpacks that double as duffel bags when the straps are tucked in, front-lid expandable packing cases (for short trips and a carry-on) as well as the ever-handy packing cubes to help you stay organised.

Pratt is particularly fond of the TUMI x Chris Pratt 2-in-1 Backpack Duffel. “You can either wear it as a backpack or carry it as a duffel with straps that tuck away. I’m especially proud of this design because it has a USB port for charging your device, and it’s the first time that TUMI has incorporated a USB port in a bag style,” he says. “The backpack duffel also includes two special waterproof-lined pockets with air vents where you can put shoes, wet clothing or a water bottle.”

It is clear that Pratt has put a lot of thought into the collection, inspired by his own tips and tricks to stay healthy on the road, as well as his experiences. “My biggest piece of advice to stay healthy in between long-haul flights is to stay hydrated. That’s the most important thing — drink lots of water. [In fact], we included a S’Well water bottle as one of the accessories that accompany the travel cases in my capsule collection. So, travellers can stay hydrated when they are on the go,” he says.

“I [also] always carry a Rubik’s Cube with me. It’s a great way to pass the time sitting on a plane or at an airport on a layover. We even incorporated a Rubik’s Cube into the TUMI collaboration collection as one of the accessories offered along with the travel cases, which I think is pretty cool!” It is also no surprise that he keeps his superhero bod in tip-top shape by working up a sweat, even while travelling. “Even if it’s just hitting the hotel gym for a quick cardio workout, it will help with your blood flow or circulation to fight jet lag.”

Pratt also makes sure to get a souvenir for his six-year-old son, Jack, when he travels. “I always try to get Jack a souvenir from wherever I’m travelling to. I try to find something that represents the local culture of where I am. So, for example, when I went to Brazil, I brought him back a soccer ball and Brazil national football team jersey.”

Pratt, who is currently shooting a yet-to-be-disclosed film in Atlanta, is keen to further his travel horizons to Asia. “I want to explore Asia [even] more now after shooting the TUMI Fall 2019 campaign. I espe- cially want to come to both Singapore and Malaysia; there is so much history and culture that I feel inspired to check out. I love to fish, play golf and practise yoga; all of these activities are a great way to quiet my mind, be present in the moment and feel centred.”