SINGAPORE (Dec 27): We are sure these decor trends will continue to be popular well into 2020

Never have plants, especially of the succulent variety, been so popular. These easy-to-care plants are just the thing every busy, globe-trotting person needs in their home. As a plus, plants balance the energy in the home and boost the occupants’ luck, according to feng shui.

Once considered useless buys, rugs are now enjoying a resurgence. From quality woven pieces, to modern, minimalist ones, these will surely brighten up your home.

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The 1970s is back. Wallpaper or wall coverings used to be all the rage — remember the fun, loud wallpaper in the TV series, That ‘70s Show? Fortunately, the updated ones are more understated and tasteful. Here is a tip: No need to plaster the entire house in wallpaper, just create a feature wall.