SINGAPORE (Apr 9): What goes into a gentleman’s suit? From the classic blazer to the formal three-piece, a man’s suit speaks volumes — after all, they do say that the clothes maketh the man. At BOSS, fine craftsmanship and eagle-eyed attention to detail are complemented by personalised attention, in a special made-to-measure experience that starts from the moment the car picks you up from your doorstep. Options follows Shawn Ching, executive director and group general manager of Oxley Holdings, on his experience at the BOSS boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre. 



Arriving at the BOSS boutique @ Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Dressed casually in a white cotton shirt and navy linen trousers, Shawn arrives at the BOSS boutique for his fitting, after a short car ride from his pick-up point (his office at Oxley Towers). He is led to the private room where a made-to-measure specialist will greet him and begin the process. 


The initial conversation

In the cosy private room, made-to-measure specialist Andy Alfian offers Shawn a drink, and begins the initial conversation to find out more about Shawn and about his preferences. Drawing from observations of his client’s personal style and of his overall look, Andy suggests several different styles, and Shawn quickly settles on a casual, everyday suit, with a lighter fabric that would be both comfortable and practical to wear in Singapore’s hot, humid climate. Andy also checks in on the style of collar and shirt that Shawn prefers. 


Choosing the fabric

Never one for flashy fabrics or lurid colours, BOSS’ understated and elegant style is distinct in its classic cuts, colours and fit. Here, it is no different. A wide array of quality Italian fabrics, ranging from fine wool to blended synthetics, is shown to Shawn who, in the manner of a man used to making firm decisions, quickly chooses a woolblend fabric in a light blue. Depending on the fabric and style, a made-tomeasure suit starts at $3,900.



Shawn is next given a selection of, among others, horn or mother-ofpearl buttons to choose from to match his suit. He settles on a simple black horn button. Then, it’s on to choosing the inner lining where Shawn’s signature will be stitched to make the suit his very own. 


Lining, cuffs, collar, shirt

Choosing a lining is much more of a practical consideration. In this tropical climate, breathability is key; hence Shawn selects a half-lined, singlebreasted, two-button suit. Every aspect of the suit is thought out and carefully considered. Next, Shawn opts for a classic cotton linen white shirt with a single-button cuff. 


The fitting

After all the key decisions are made on fabric and style, it is time for measuring. After asking about Shawn’s current lifestyle and understanding his preferred fit, Andy proceeds to take Shawn’s measurements. Shawn puts on a sample suit, shirt and trousers, which Andy then pins and tucks to create a guide on fit and comfort. The fitting, in total, takes 20 to 30 minutes. 


Back to office!

After just about 90 minutes for the entire process, all that’s left is for the suit to be made in Germany. As Andy explains, a made-to-measure suit will usually take six to eight weeks. As Shawn waits for the car to take him back to his office, he tells Options that while this is not his first bespoke suit, he thoroughly enjoyed this experience with BOSS which went smoothly, from pick-up to drop-off. “It’s perfect,” he says, decisively. “I’d certainly do this again.” 

Prepare ahead to put your best suit forward. While BOSS is unable to conduct home appointments or fittings currently, all readers are welcome to contact [email protected]. com for any enquiries. Note: Shawn’s made-tomeasure experience took place in March.