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Spark meaningful interactions over a cup of coffee

Jasmine Alimin
Jasmine Alimin • 6 min read
Spark meaningful interactions over a cup of coffee
New insights from a study conducted by Nespresso Professional confirm that coffee is key to work-life balance
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New insights from a study conducted by Nespresso Professional confirm that coffee is key to work-life balance, and can be best enjoyed with Nespresso Momento’s range of professional coffee machines.

These days with work-from-home (WFH) as the default, it’s hard to know when the workday begins and where it ends. For many of us, it feels like one never-ending stretch that sees us to the weekend. But the one constant that has remained faithful and reliable in this blurry existence is most assuredly that trusted cup of coffee.

Coffee has always been a cornerstone of office culture. But the world is rapidly changing, and so is our relationship with work. Without realising it, this unassuming cup of joe has made itself our WFH buddy; an irreplaceable colleague that we count on to regulate our schedule and distract us from our daily stresses.

To uncover more on workplace productivity and the evolution of coffee culture at work, Nespresso Professional conducted a study on 1,000 corporate professionals in 2020 and published a report called the Future of Workplace. The study offers useful insights on the global shift in office culture and how coffee plays an integral role in fostering better work relationships and personal well-being.

The future of office culture

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We learn that the traditional idea of an office has become a very fluid concept, and one that’s that not limited to a physical environment. We see this with people working in various places other than home, such as the café, library or even co-working spaces.

Despite this global shift, respondents have highlighted their desire for personal space such as their own desk, and the separation of work and life. Statistically, while 59% don’t believe that the workplace is restricted to a physical office, 45% say they still need a separate environment for work and a space for focus.

Coffee, for those who enjoy it, plays a very pivotal role in the daily life of a deskbound person. Not only does it help one to focus on the day’s tasks, the daily ritual of preparing a cup of coffee provides that momentary separation from work that more people are craving for in this ‘new normal’. In fact, 68% of the respondents say taking coffee breaks are fundamental to their work and routine, and key to coping with stress and anxiety.

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One thing fundamentally missing with remote working is the social connection one gets when working in an office environment. According to Nespresso, 66% of respondents agree that coffee is key to strengthening office relationships while 66% agree that grabbing coffee with colleagues makes them feel like part of a community. Even if the workplace is increasingly becoming more digitised, technology can’t replace the deep human bond that sharing a cup of coffee with a colleague can create.

Social connection also extends to social spaces such as the office pantry — the heart of the company where real conversations are made and relationships are built. While the pantry is not a formal workspace, it’s designed to help people take breaks, which has an indirect and invisible impact on productivity. In fact, the pantry was ranked among the top four essential components for an ideal office, alongside a personal working desk, natural light and breakout rooms.

The professional’s coffee maker

Designed to meet new and evolved ways of working and prioritise employee well-being, Nespresso Momento professional coffee machines are the perfect accompaniment to any office pantry or corporate environment.

Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk 120 delivers barista-style coffee with black coffees such as Espresso, Americano to 12 milk-based recipes such as Macchiato and Latte

Nespresso Momento Coffee & Milk 120 has an integrated milk fridge to deliver barista-style coffee such as Espresso, Americano including 12 milk-based blends such as Cappuccino, Flat White, and Latte Macchiato.

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Nespresso Momento Coffee 100 prepares four cup sizes of black coffee but can also make coffee and milk recipes when paired with a Nespresso milk frother

Nespresso Momento Coffee 100 prepares four sizes of black coffees such as Ristretto, Espresso, Lungo and Americano, but can also make white coffee options with an add-on milk frother.

More importantly, Nespresso Momento’s range of professional coffee solutions are tailored to meet different business needs with customised, modular sizes to suit different spaces such as the pantry, conference room or reception.

Highly intuitive and easy-to-use, Momento’s digital display will guide users on how to prepare a cup of coffee step-by-step and provides useful information on aromatic coffee notes for all Nespresso blends. In addition, it will also recommend the optimal coffee extraction length for your chosen capsule, so you can enjoy a consistent high-quality cup each time.

Its smart design also includes a touchless functionality via a QR code through your smartphone for safe and hygienic preparation of your coffee — important during times like these.

Making coffee sustainable

More than one-third of Michelin-starred restaurants and more than 70% of 4- and 5-star hotels in Singapore use Nespresso Professional coffee machines, not just for its exceptional coffee but the brand’s commitments to Sustainability.

Even before sustainability became a hot topic in recent years Nespresso has been championing the cause by sourcing 95% of its coffee through its AAA Sustainable Quality Program, which provides farmers with support, expertise and techniques to grow coffee more efficiently, boosting livelihoods, incomes and productivity in the process.

As part of Nespresso’s commitment to sustainability, every cup of Nespresso coffee will be carbon neutral by 2022.

Nespresso also works closely with hotels, restaurants and office partners such as Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa, Labyrinth, Corner House and Julius Baer, to collect their used capsules through recycling bins placed at their workplaces. The aluminium from the capsules are infinitely recyclable and the used coffee grounds are used as compost in local farms like Sky Greens to grow fresh, organic produce.

Paid coffee solutions

Nespresso Momento’s ecosystem aims to deliver a unique coffee experience with tailored investments. Nespresso Momento All-in-One Solution is a flexible payment solution that allows your employees and customers access to high quality coffee, at a price that your business can set.​

There are four versatile payment configurations to suit your business needs: a complimentary option without any payment system; an online option for cashless payment with ApplePay, SamsungPay, Mastercard or Visa credit card; an offline option for payment with a badge (to be recharged); and a final open option for cashless and/or employee badge.

By offering unique features not seen with other professional coffee machines in the market, Nespresso Momento can create meaningful coffee experiences at work no matter what industry you’re in.

With its smart, intuitive functions and customisable solutions plus tailored payment options, the Nespresso Momento range is a great draw for returning to the office, and one that we welcome more than anything … especially when we can reunite with our colleagues and bond over an aromatic cup of Nespresso.

Visit Nespresso Momento for more information.

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