Styling by Ong Weisheng
Replacing an old leather sofa set with a statement piece immediately adds warmth to this living space
Mr and Mrs Chew entertain quite a bit in their palatial home off Holland Road. So, they wanted a seamless fl ow from the kitchen to the living area. The idea was to be able to prep and dish out food and drinks and still be able to have a conversation with their guests. W. Atelier noted the couple’s requirement and gave the room a new look, and no, it did not require any hacking of walls.

For starters, the existing cold leather sofa set in burnt orange had to go and the layout of the living room was reconfi gured. A statement-piece sofa in beige with metal legs was brought in to give guests a big welcome. Next, two armchairs were added adjacent to the sofa to create a space that is easily accessible from the kitchen to the living area. The coffee table with its geometric table top design adds a bit of interest to the room, while the lamps and side table with a vase of fl owers provide soft touches.

A wrong layout and a dull sofa set are calling out to be replaced

A statement-piece sofa, two armchairs and a layout change make it look like a new room altogether

  • Lasvit 12X008-01 Press floor lamp in smoke (small). Dimensions: 140mm×460mm ($1,231)
  • Lasvit 12X009-01 Press fl oor lamp in smoke (large). Dimensions: 140mm×630mm ($1,324)
  • Zanotta T1 Toi small table in white. Dimensions: 42cmx50cm ($1,536)
  • Fritz Hansen FRI Cushion T3 Vertigo cushion in light grey. Dimensions: 60cmx40cm ($270)
  • Zanotta T1 Susanna armchair in black painted upholstery in leather (Nappa CAT95 Grigio Scuro 000317) and armrest ($5,376)
  • Zanotta T3 Tempo small table in white. Height: 50cm ($1,440)
  • Zanotta 17-52807 Bruce sofa in teodoro (CAT30 ECRU’ 025721) and black nickel metal legs ($10,488)
  • Zanotta T2 Ink small table in black. Dimensions: 160cmx60cm ($1,656)
  • Zanotta T1 Ink small table. Dimensions: 60cmx60cm ($1,272)
  • Santa & Cole G5 T2 Tripode G5 fl oor lamp; TG501 Tripode fl oorlamp TG5P7; Tripode G5 terracotta ribbon lampshade ($1,080)
Prices are inclusive of GST

This article appeared in Issue 805 (Nov 13) of The Edge Singapore.