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V-ZUG brings simplicity into the homes of its customers and creativity into their kitchens

Jasmine Alimin
Jasmine Alimin • 7 min read
V-ZUG brings simplicity into the homes of its customers and creativity into their kitchens
Retiree Helen Kee, who entertains a lot, custom-built a 14-seater table fitted with V-ZUG’s induction hob, island hood and Combair oven to serve and prepare food in front of guests
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With over a century of Swiss innovation, V-ZUG is a name that personifies luxury, technology and unparalleled service quality that its customers have grown to love. Always looking for new solutions and perfect functionality to meet ever-changing needs, V-ZUG promises to bring simplicity into your home and creativity into your kitchen.

A brand that always listens, V-ZUG constantly looks at how to improve design engineering and digitisation to build products that are precise, durable, sustainable and easy-to-use to uplift the user’s experience. Not only do customers feel inspired to ideate in the kitchen with V-ZUG’s myriad of intuitive cooking functions, they also feel encouraged to cook better, eat better and live better.

These happy home owners share how V-ZUG has made them smarter and more creative cooks in the kitchen.

Aesthetics that blend with any kitchen

Sleek, streamlined and modular, V-ZUG’s appliances are thoughtfully designed to complement one another and harmonise with just about any kitchen design concept. They thrive in open kitchen concepts where V-ZUG ovens, hobs and hoods seamlessly blend into the environment.

“What first caught my eye about V-ZUG was its sleek and modern designs which would sit well with our modern minimalist interior concept. Our open kitchen features a large island and adjoining dining room. V-ZUG’s design-led appliances really elevate and unify the whole space,” says Lina Sea, who moved into her new terrace house this January.

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An avid baker who frequently entertains at home, she owns the Combair oven, gas hob and hood, and CombiCooler refrigerator. “V-ZUG has an amazing technical support team with very excellent know-how and quick turnaround time. They worked closely with my carpenters to speed up the installation of our appliances to get the kitchen operational as quickly as possible,” she shares.

When it comes to customer service, Sea believes no one can beat V-ZUG’s fast response time. “Both the sales and service teams have sound technical knowledge of the products and can give advice immediately over the phone. Their salesperson even responded to my WhatsApp messages and calls while he was out on a business trip,” Sea recalls.

Similarly, senior manager Nellie Neo is extremely impressed by the level of care and attention from V-ZUG’s installation team, who helped her carpenters with the installation of her hood.

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“When my husband and I scouted for suitable appliances, we were impressed by V-ZUG’s design and capabilities, its sleek look, as well as the impeccable service from the staff,” she says.

Patricia Wong has become a more creative cook using her array of V-ZUG appliances which include the CombairSteam, induction hob and hood, island hood, dishwasher and vacuum drawer

Intuitive and easy-to-use functions

Thanks to intelligent pre-programmed functions and an easy user interface, V-ZUG appliances are a pleasure to use and enables anyone to cook like a professional chef at home.

Not one to shy away from technology, Patricia Wong, who’s in her 60s, enjoys using V-ZUG’s FullFlex induction hob which does away with specified cooking zones. The hob’s state-of-the-art inductors allows it to automatically detect the position and size of the cookware placed on its glass ceramic surface. “I can place about four medium pots and move them around, and the heat just tracks their movement. It’s such a clever design,” she enthuses.

Another appliance Wong loves is the Combair-Steam oven which can do everything from warming dishes to steaming, baking, grilling, soft roasting and more.

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“This spacious oven can hold much larger dishes compared to regular steamers which have space limitations. I really like gadgets that are multi-purpose and efficient. The numerous digital features are very intuitive and logical which I don’t find complicated at all. In fact, it’s quite fun to play around with.

“Some people like branded bags, but I prefer to invest in quality kitchen appliances. You make a one-time investment and you can be assured it’s going to be reliable, problem-free, lasting and create restaurant-style food, which my family ultimately benefits from,” she says.

Retired financial adviser Helen Kee calls her Combair oven “sassy and sexy” for a variety of reasons. “It’s so beautiful to look at, elegant and subtle. I just enjoy it more because the temperature control is perfect for baking bread. My other ovens are too aggressive and will burn my bread, while V-ZUG — at the same temperature — makes it come out perfectly,” she says.

Neo, who owns a Combair oven, steamer, gas hob and hood, prepares home-cooked meals daily for the family such as her favourite Moroccan beef tagine with prunes and almonds. She notes that the oven’s functions are so user-friendly that even her kids use it to bake pizzas, cakes, muffins and cookies. “My husband, who is Moroccan French, believes in authentic cooking and cooking from scratch. There is no such thing as premixed sauces. I think he secretly hopes that the sleek V-ZUG appliances will make me spend more time in the kitchen!” she jokes.

Classes by culinary masters

One of the privileges of being a V-ZUG customer is being invited to exclusive cooking workshops or masterclasses conducted by chef ambassadors and gourmet academy chefs who showcase the variety and finesse of V-ZUG’s professional-level appliances. Weekly class- es are held at V-ZUG Studio at Scotts Square (where V-ZUG’s showroom and concierge services are also located) to teach customers how to use and maintain their appliances.

These classes give novice users more opportunities to ask the chef cooking-related questions. During the Covid-19 lockdown, classes continued virtually, where customers were invited to participate in cook-along sessions with the chef. “I’m self-taught. I learnt how to cook from friends, family and the internet. It’s very insightful and helpful to learn some formal cooking skills from real chefs,” Wong relates.

Dark wood cabinetry was used to blend seamlessly with the dark mirror finish of V-ZUG’s appliances

Meanwhile, Kee finds these cooking workshops a great way to discover V-ZUG’s multitude of easy-to-use digital functions. “I followed a friend to a cooking class once and was so impressed by the oven’s versatility and ease-of-use that I told myself the next time I’m renovating, I’m buying a V-ZUG!” she exclaims.

Neo, who has also attended many classes, enjoyed one in particular conducted by V-ZUG ambassador chef Sam Leong and his wife Forest, where she learnt how to make Golden Pumpkin Tang Yuan. “Attending the class with my husband was a very bonding experience. We had so much fun recreating it at home from rolling the tang yuans and boiling them on the induction stove. We tell our guests that the dessert was a labour of love!”

Chefs on speed-dial

Unlike other brands, V-ZUG has a team of chefs who work alongside the brand to teach customers how to fully maximise the potential of its appliances. Not only will the gourmet academy chefs be present at the showroom to demonstrate how to prepare a meal, they are also able to pay house visits to orientate new users on appliance usage. On top of that, customers can engage V-ZUG’s team of gourmet academy chefs and chef ambassadors to cater their home parties — another great way to learn more about the appliances and their versatile features while hosting with ease.

“When I went to V-ZUG for a product demo with the chef, she helped me shortlist the items I needed for my kitchen. I was really impressed by her level of service that I ended up ordering more items such as a vacuum drawer to seal up my sauces and keep other ingredients fresher for longer!” reveals Wong.

Customers can also contact V-ZUG concierge hotline to ask the chefs cooking-related questions in real-time. “When my appliances were installed, a V-ZUG chef came over to teach me how to use and clean my dishwasher, and help pre-set some common oven functions like slow roasting. I still remember how to work most of the features but if I forget, I can just drop the chef a text and she will almost always reply instantly,” says Wong.

PHOTOS: Albert Chua/The Edge Singapore

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