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Find out why these avid home cooks prefer V-ZUG appliances

Jasmine Alimin
Jasmine Alimin • 6 min read
Find out why these avid home cooks prefer V-ZUG appliances
Swiss brand V-ZUG is built to stand the test of time
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Owning a V-ZUG appliance goes beyond having a beautiful piece of equipment in your home. Based on a tradition of more than a century, this Swiss luxury brand prides in product innovation that marries timeless style with state of the art features to make your daily life easier.

Upholding Swiss standards mean that V-ZUG leaves no stone unturned when it comes to genial customer service which continues long after you have purchased your appliance. From the moment you step foot in its showroom, you will be introduced to the brand’s wide array of home appliances through product demonstrations by its well-versed team of sales representatives as well as gourmet academy chefs.

Under the guidance of its culinary experts, customers can learn the secrets of preparing an epicurean feast with their V-ZUG kitchen appliances. Private cooking classes are available every weekend to inspire your passions and ignite your senses. And if you are planning to host a party or an intimate get-together, the brand’s chefs are also available for hire to prepare a delightful spread in the comfort of your home.

To discover more about V-ZUG’s stellar concierge service and customer programmes, three of its customers share their personal experiences here.

A working kitchen for the office

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Landscape architect Casey Gan, 60, is willing to pay top dollar for well-made products that serve his needs. As the founder of Cicada Landscape Architects and a wine distributor, he often hosts dinner parties in his office for his clients where he will engage his favourite chef from Les Amis to whip up a fine meal. This level of quality and professionalism calls for a fully-functional office kitchen and one that he invested $250,000 to perfect.

The open concept kitchen decked in white lacquered cabinetry by Space, features an expansive island fitted with an induction stove and hood — a place where Gan’s team of 40 employees like to mingle for coffee and after-hours for drinks. Other key appliances include V-ZUG’s Combi-Steam oven, warming drawer, three large fridges, one freezer, a dishwasher, coffee machine (his lifeline) and RefreshButler.

For Gan, a product is only as good as the service provided by the manufacturer. Having previously owned other premium appliance brands, he is extremely satisfied with the quality of V-ZUG products and level of attentiveness and response time from the technical support team.

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He is also proud to say that since he purchased the appliances in 2019, none of them have required any repair, other than his dishwasher. “Rather than manually clean a dishwasher, you are supposed to use a special dishwasher salt. Being the typical man that I am, I never read the manual and put in heaps of actual salt into the machine! The technical team came the next day and followed up by cleaning out the salt and replacing it with dishwasher salt.”

Gan adds: “V-ZUG may be on the pricey side but the returns on investment far exceed the price tag. It’s well-built, reliable, beautiful and doesn’t break down. At the end of the day, it’s about effectiveness, about value, it’s about service, it’s about how happy it makes you feel. I have been recommending this brand to both my friends and industry partners.”

Time saving appliances, low-key luxury

After a long day at the clinic, paediatrician Dr Lian WB, who is in her 50s, looks forward to coming home to unwind and prepare a meal for her family. To her, home is a place of respite that provides peace and comfort where the space should be elegant, streamlined and uncluttered. She prefers low-key luxury over ostentatious furniture and garish designs.

Her kitchen concept by Studio Igg is spacious, bright and minimalistic, built with streamlined cabinetry and lots of counter top space for meal preparation. To match the contemporary look and feel, the kitchen is fitted with V-ZUG’s dishwasher, Combair and Combi-Steam ovens, and vacuum drawer. She likes V-ZUG not just for its sleek avant garde designs but practical user-friendly functions too. “It’s been great. I’m still trying out the different features but so far, I’m very happy with the faster cooking and outcomes.”

In her bedroom, Dr Lian also installed V-ZUG’s RefreshButler into the wardrobe which gently dries her laundry while neutralising unwanted odours. “The RefreshButler serves well for suits and dresses, saving me trips to the laundromat for dry cleaning.”

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“I used to use run of the mill brands but decided to go for an upgrade for a better experience and function. Service has been good from the very beginning and I have no regrets choosing V-ZUG for my kitchen,” she adds.

“My first experience at the showroom was great. Staff were pleasant, knowledgeable, humble and resourceful. I like that they have in-house chefs to advise on cooking-related matters. They also have the best vendor post-sales service by far. If an issue crops up, even on a Sunday, you will enjoy prompt response from the concierge team. Just knowing someone is there to support and reassure is a huge deal.”

Quality matched by stellar service

When manager Ben Ang, 38, purchased his first apartment near the city, the avid cook envisioned an open concept kitchen built with stainless steel counter tops and two stacked ovens.

Being in the kitchen is a labour of love and a time to bond. “I like to cook and plan to host family gatherings and friends regularly. A large part of my joy is seeing nothing left on the plates at the table,” he says.

For his oven, he chose V-ZUG’s Combi-Steam — a compact all-in-one appliance that he uses daily, whether it is for steaming (his favourite feature), grilling or heating up bread and cakes. He explains: “I was looking for a sturdy brand that would stand the test of time, to be used daily and easy to clean. As someone quite digitally-inclined, V-ZUG was a brand we considered because of the superior UI. I love that it is more intuitive than other German brands yet still easy to use.”

Ang also enjoys the privilege of being invited to V-ZUG’s cooking classes conducted at its showroom-cum-cooking academy where the chef introduces recipes based on the seasons and holiday celebrations.

Part of the reason why he would recommend V-ZUG to his friends and loved ones is not only the superb quality of its products, but the excellent care and support rendered by the staff. “They have great follow-up with customers and conduct occasional check-ins. I am assured that any doubts, questions or kitchen tooling needs will be well taken care of.”

PHOTOS: Albert Chua/The Edge Singapore; V-ZUG

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