The Edge Singapore and the luxury brand recently hosted a tea appreciation session for readers of the publication

SINGAPORE (Aug 19): As far as teas go, most of us would be familiar with only teabags bought off supermarket shelves or the golden liquid we drink at Chinese restaurants. On the morning of Aug 3, however, 20 readers of The Edge Singapore were schooled on the TWG Tea's Haute Couture Tea Collection. They were gathered at TWG Tea’s latest salon and boutique at Swissotel The Stamford Singapore for this opportunity.

(Main image: TWG Tea connoisseur Romain Mendez and Options editor Audrey Simon welcoming guests to the event)

TWG Tea is renowned for its exclusive tea blends created using the most fragrant flowers, fruits and spices, resulting in beautifully balanced, unique creations.

Left image: Mendez talking about all things tea; Right image: Seated: Shao Qiong (left) and Yenny Low; standing: The Edge Singapore head of commercial operations Cowie Tan; The Edge Singapore executive editor Chan Chao Peh; Andrew Heng; Simon; and Evelyn Chan

Before breakfast was served, guests were taken through a tasting session of four selections from the TWG Tea's Haute Couture Tea Collection. They comprised Silver Moon Tea, Singapore Breakfast Tea, White House Tea and Red of Africa Tea. This tea session was led by connoisseur Romain Mendez, who has been with TWG Tea for eight years.

Silver Moon Tea has the right mix of green tea blended with vanilla and spices. It pairs well with mooncakes, which are also available at TWG Tea. One of the crowd-pleasers was the Red of Africa Tea, which is naturally sweet. It contains marigold flowers and is suitable for children because it has no caffeine. Consume it hot or add ice on a hot day.

Left image: Hot or iced tea goes well with TWG Tea’s Eggs Benedict; Right image: From left: Sally Soh, Rosalind Tan, Siew Peng Yong and Wilson Koh

Mendez’s tea appreciation session was educational. The guests learnt that tea can last three years and one teaspoon of leaves is needed to brew one cup of tea.

As both tea and conversation flowed, guests were served breakfast — a generous portion of Eggs Benedict with toppings such as mushroom, turkey, smoked salmon and guacamole on a bed of toasted muffins. After breakfast, guests left with a tin of their choice of tea from the TWG Tea's Haute Couture Tea Collection that they had tasted earlier.

Left image: Rosalind Chua and Shao Soong; Right image: Heng gives the White House Tea a sniff

Left image: Richard Koh and Ong Bee Yan; Middle image: Caroline Chan and Peter Chin; Right image: Wee Teng and Jennifer Tsao

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