(Nov 27): For newlyweds Della and Wade, the yearning for a change of lifestyle coincided with an opportunity to acquire a very nice boat – a Boston Whaler Montauk 210. Having been in the market for a used boat for a while, the couple had specific ideas about what they wanted, and didn’t want, in a boat. The Montauk 210 manged to tick off so many boxes on their checklist, it made their purchase easy. Within 24 hours of first seeing the boat, they became proud owners of their first Boston Whaler.

The couple admit that they were won over by the Montauk’s small, elegant proportions and its relative simplicity. Simplicity is a very good thing to have in a boat – fewer things to go wrong at sea, fewer things to maintain, and fewer things to worry over. Simple boats also get used more often, especially simple AND small boats.

The 21-foot Montauk fits the bill perfectly. It is easy to pilot and would be unintimidating even for newbies. In the flesh, the boat does look a lot bigger than its spec sheet would suggest. The first thing you notice is its beam – this boat is beamy. At 2.59 metres, this 21-footer is as wide as many 25-foot centre console boats. This helps with stability in the water, at the possible expense of speed. But it does create a sense of spaciouness on deck not typically found in boats this size. The Montauk may be the entry-level boat within the Boston Whaler family but in terms of single outboard engine vessels on the market, you would struggle to find a better package.

As we motor along the marina during the photoshoot, I can’t help notice that, with its clean layout, stable hull, and fuel efficient four stroke outboard, the Montauk would make a brilliant boat for a sports fisherman. It’s size, stability and simplicity would make it particularly appealing to solo fishermen. For Della and Wade, the Montauk has opened up adventures of a different kind – as they reveal in this interview.


What prompted the decision to buy a boat?
Della Rugdee (DR): Before the boat, our weekends were spent hanging out in restaurants and bars, and sitting in front of the TV. It was not ideal.

Why a Boston Whaler?
DR: I wanted something hassle-free and low-maintenance so an outboard-engined boat with minimal electronics is the best way to go. Boston Whalers are known as the unsinkable boat so it’s nice to have something reliable and reassuring when you are out at sea. Wade Pearce (WP): It’s not a luxurious boat. But it’s one you are likely to use, every weekend and not be reliant on a captain or crew. It’s not so big that it can get you into trouble when berthing plus it’s a lot easier to find berthing for a boat this size. It’s big enough to keep you interested but not so big that it becomes hard work.

How long have you had the boat?
DR: About three months.

Was the boat specified the way you wanted?
DR: Yes, we went with the basic option. We didn’t want too much electronics.

Where have you sailed to?
DR: The furthest we’ve gone is Bintan. We sailed there without any accompanying boat. It’s about 33 nautical miles away.

How far would you go?
DR: In its current configuration, as far as Sibu on the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

What do you like about this boat?
WP: One of the nicest things is finishing work at 6pm, getting onto the boat with a bottle of wine, and heading out to Lazarus. Have a swim and be back in an hour. It’s easy with this boat – easy to setup and get going, easy to clean, and very reliable. It’s also fuel efficient and because it’s so wide, it’s great for having friends on board. For a small boat, it doesn’t rock that much. We take the boat out, on average, every second day.

What’s the maintenance like?
DR: There is a lot of cleaning and washing down after each trip. So that’s time and effort. But we enjoy it. It’s like how someone would enjoy cleaning and waxing their car.

Anything you dislike about the boat?
WP: More motor would be nice. But 150hp is good for now. DR: This is a great boat for trips to the Southern Islands but the next boat will have twin outboards. We would be able to go further…Tioman or even Phuket. And it would have a cabin, a head and a small galley so that we don’t need to check into a hotel when we get to our destination.

Any specific boat in mind?
DR: Definitely another Boston Whaler. The 370 Outrage – that would be the ultimate. But the 315 Conquest is also very nice.

Where to next on the boat?
DR: We’re going camping on Lazarus Island with a few other boats at the end of the month. Just a hanging bunch of friends and our dogs, hanging out. and enjoying a barbeque.

Boston Whaler Montauk 210
Length: 21′ 4″ (6.50 M)
Beam: 7′ 6″ (2.59 M)
Engine: 150 XL EFI Black Mercury FourStroke engine
Horsepower: 150 HP
Fuel capacity: 252 L Weight (with fuel, water and engine) : 1, 571 KG
Passenger capacity: 9
Top speed: 36.6 knots
Effective range: 490 KM @ 3,500 rpm
Fuel consumption: 2.15 KM/L @ 3,500 rpm
Price: US$85,000 with full options.

Photos: Chee Boon Pin

This story first appeared in http://davison.com.sg/