SINGAPORE (Sept 3):  Tradition has it that mooncakes were made and distributed by the eldest in the family at mid-autumn to celebrate the end of harvest in ancient China. These days, we gather with family and friends to partake of the round pastries and wash them down with Chinese tea while the children play with brightly coloured lanterns. 

This year’s Mid-Autumn Festival falls on Sept 24 and if you are still deciding on the type of mooncake to serve at your party or give your business associates, Bakerzin has a range of the delicacies for you to try. The offerings include the old-fashioned baked version with lotus paste and salted egg yolk, healthier ones that still taste good and a collection for those who prefer a little more bite in their mooncakes.

Royal Collection
Last year, Bakerzin launched the Bold Collection to great reviews. This year, the Royal Collection — with the bakery’s Signature Egg Yolk Blend Mooncakes in new colours and local flavours — is sure to please.

There are four must-try flavours:

Beetroot and Gula Melaka Mooncake
Gula Melaka and beetroot play up the sweet and savoury flavours and work beautifully with the egg yolk.

Osmanthus Mooncake
The scent of the Osmanthus flower entices you to sink your teeth into the lotus paste-filled cake. 

Charcoal Tangerine Red Bean Mooncake
A charcoal-powder pastry encloses the red bean paste and tangerine bits.

Pandan Mooncake
This fragrant mooncake is a treat for those who love the flavour of the humble pandan plant.

Prestige Collection
With the Prestige Collection, you can have your alcohol and mooncake in one go. The snow skin mooncake is infused with some of your favourite cocktail mixers such as Apple Vodka, Butterscotch Baileys, Latte Kahlua and Coconut Liqueur. 

Apple Vodka Snow Skin
Apple and chocolate truffle are a pairing made in heaven.

Butterscotch Baileys Snow Skin
The after-dinner drink is combined with a buttery filling and encased in a truffle shell.

Coconut Liqueur Snow Skin
Coconut and lotus paste may seem like a weird combination, but try it and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Latte Kahlua Snow Skin
This one is for those who cannot live without their daily dose of caffeine and alcohol.