Svenson’s Hairffirmations Home Care products help keep your crowning glory healthy

Hair has to be washed, conditioned, blowdried and styled every day. It can be quite a challenge to keep it in tip-top condition and ensure there is no excessive hair loss. The specialist at your hair salon can only do so much, so you need to do your part in maintaining a full head of hair.

Svenson, a leading brand in the research and development of hair and scalp solutions for more than 60 years, offers scientific diagnoses and effective solutions for almost all hair and scalp conditions. One such solution is the Hairffirmations Home Care system that comprises three groups of products: Balance, to keep hair and scalp free of grease and discomfort; Defence, to prevent early signs of hair loss; and Nourish, to tackle thinning hair.

Balance Sebum Control Shampoo ($45) cleans scalp. The Tiolisina Complex ingredients help prevent dandruff, acne and inflammation while the hair-strengthening Ayurvedica Mix relieves any itchiness or dryness.

Balance Sebum Control Tonic ($88) gently cleanses scalp with natural ingredients. One of them is glycolic acid, which removes layers of dull, dry skin and unclogs follicles. Again, the Tiolisina Complex and Ayurvedica Mix will soothe the scalp and regulate sebum control to prevent clogged follicles, keeping your hair healthy and light.

Defence Hair Booster Shampoo ($55) strengthens hair strands by stimulating follicles and enhancing protection. Specially formulated with Capsicum Fructescens, tea tree oil and Arnica, it prevents premature hair fall as well as split ends. Defence Hair Booster Tonic ($88) reduces hair loss by providing nutrients to hair roots. Active ingredients such as Capsicum Fructescens increase scalp microcirculation to ensure nutrients are absorbed. The antibacterial tea tree oil keeps your follicles healthy and prevents clogging while Arnica improves hair strand strength and vitality.

Nourish Hair Densifier Shampoo ($128) optimises hair growth, as it contains patented peptides derived from 13 years of R&D. The peptides are pushed into the scalp to increase hair thickness. Build-up is also effectively removed without stripping your scalp of natural oils.

Nourish Hair Densifier Intensive Kit ($350) boosts hair density and strength by stimulating hair follicles to thicken hair shafts and, ultimately, promote hair growth. Highly concentrated active ingredients are freeze-dried at optimum levels to ensure maximum nourishment. The growth-enhancing loquat is absorbed quickly and completely, thanks to the PLGA Nanosphere technology.

This article appeared in Issue 802 (Oct 23) of The Edge Singapore.