Laundry that smells as good as when it came out of the wash 16 weeks ago? Hard to imagine this is possible in our humid climate, but supposedly Ar Füm Laundry Capsules can do this, and more.

Manufactured by the folks behind Walch detergents, Ar Füm joins a growing retail offering of capsule detergents available in the market today. Typically sealed in an air-tight pack made of dissolvable film, these palm-sized capsules come in single-dose amounts which you merely pop into a standard or high efficiency top- or front-loading washing machine and press “start” — no worry of messy liquids or clumpy powder.

Are they just as effective in terms of cleaning and removing stains? The retailer reports that it’s receiving lots of positive feedback. One thing is for sure: These fuss-free capsules are the busy woman’s answer to fast and efficient laundering.

Both a detergent and a softener all-in-one, Ar Füm comes pre-measured with the right amount of detergent for every load. Each tub consists of 42 capsules, which works out to just over a month’s worth of laundry. Just use one pack for a small to medium-sized load, and two for larger loads (more than 7kg).

Pop the capsules into an empty drum, load the clothes and press “start”. This brand of capsules boasts anti-static properties, deep-cleans your clothes and removes stains, all the while protecting and maintaining colour vibrancy.

What has us intrigued is that it promises up to 16 weeks of long-lasting fragrance, ensuring your clothes emanate a light floral scent from wash to wear. Supposedly, this aroma is so intense that it will linger throughout your living space like incense. If you thoroughly enjoy the olfactory notes of this laundry blend, then you can add Ar Füm’s In-Wash Scent Booster Beads — a scent booster with a natural fragrance from essential oils.

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To commemorate International Women’s Day, Ar Füm will be retailing a Pink Love Limited Edition Gift Box containing one tub of Ar Füm Laundry Capsules and free 150g In-Wash Scent Booster Beads. It retails at a promotional price of $23.90 (usual price: $29.90) at Walch SG Official Store on Shopee and other major retailers.

laundry - THE EDGE SINGAPORE5 steps to using laundry pods correctly

  1. Put the capsule in before the clothes

Throw the pods into an empty drum, not in the detergent dispenser drawer, before adding clothes. If placed on top of your load, the pack may not dissolve properly and can result in streaks and spotting from an uneven wash. Streaking can also happen if the washer is overloaded and the pods are not able to fully dissolve.

  1. Do not place clothes with detergent streaks into the dryer
The heat from a dryer will make the detergent that much harder to remove. Simply run your laundry through another cycle in the washing machine with no added detergent to wash the streaks out.

  1. Do not overload the machine
Detergent capsules need enough space to move freely in order to properly dissolve. When loading your machine, be sure to leave about 10cm between your laundry and the top of the drum, if it is a top-loader. Choose the largest load capacity setting to make sure all of the clothes move freely through the water.

  1. Use two pods for a large load
Just like liquid or powdered detergents, single-dose capsules are carefully measured to wash a normal-sized load of laundry (about 7kg). If you are washing a larger load in a larger-capacity machine (over 7kg), you will need two pods.

  1. Handle them with dry hands
Do ensure that your hands are completely dry when handling the capsules, as the outer film will start to dissolve upon contact with water. It is also best to store the container in a dry place, away from a dryer or kitchen stove, to prevent damage from moisture.