These days, exercising is not as simple as heading to the gym and picking up some weights. Many have turned to electronic gadgets such as fitness trackers to keep an eye on their workout routine. In comes G Shock with its latest series of G-Squad watches that allow you to track your workout while looking fashionable.

The new G-Squad models are available in both analogue (GBA800LU-1A and GBA800LU-1A1) and digital (GBD-800LU-1 and GBD-800LU-9) versions. The G-Squad series was first released in February 2018, with six different colours of only the analogue version. With the G-Squad, you will be able to access a number of functions on the watch that can help enhance your workouts when it is linked to the G-Shock Connected mobile app. The app has daily health and fitness support functions, such as a daily step counter, a multi-timer that can create up to 20 timer combinations of five timers each, memory for up to 200 lap records and a calorie burn counter.

Although this series has been on the market for a while, the latest G-Squad models feature a stylish update with a reflective band for great visibility in lowlight conditions — a first among the sport watch circle. This is perfect for those who enjoy a night run. Apart from the aesthetic update, the new G-Squad series has a three-axis accelerometer that keeps track of total calories burned and also records step count with five exercise intensity levels. The new series also has a longer battery life of three years compared with the previous models’ two. Other features of the watch include app-based auto time setting correction and an auto LED light to facilitate workouts in areas where lighting is dim.

G-Shock’s G-Squad seems to have everything covered. Options had the chance to test out the latest G-Squad during a bounce workout session. It was very comfortable to wear during the workout and was not at all disruptive. The bounce studio was also rather dark, which allowed the reflective band to “shine”. To maximise comfort, the watch has back wings on the inside of the band where it connects to the case. It also has a new band ring shape that prevents sliding and more band holes to allow better tightness adjustment.

The latest G-Squad series will be available at all G-Shock Casio outlets (except the IMM outlet), with prices ranging from $149 to $199.