Anova Precision Cooker WI-FI
SINGAPORE (Feb 27): Home cooks have been lauding the Anova Precision Cooker since its release in 2013. The slim tube clips on to any pot and circulates water as it boils, for easy and affordable sous vide at home. Anova’s latest Precision Cooker WI-FI features wireless connectivity. Users can download an app — available on Apple’s App Store — to start, stop and monitor the cooking process from anywhere.

LG Smart InstaView
This refrigerator has Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service embedded in its smart platform, allowing you to search recipes, place orders for groceries and add items to a shopping list. Knock twice on the 29in touch LCD display on the front door and the display will turn transparent, so you can peek into your fridge without having to open the door. There is also a camera in the fridge that can capture images remotely, so you can check if you have run out of eggs while at the supermarket. And there is a Smart Tag menu to tag foods in the fridge with expiry dates… or to call dibs on the last slice of cake.

Drop and Drop Kitchen
Drop is a smart weighing scale that connects to a recipe app called Drop Kitchen. The app guides users through the baking process by prompting them with ingredients and measurements in the right order for perfect pies and pastries. There are photo and video tips, and the app can scale a recipe based on available ingredients or offer suggestions for substitutes. Many of the recipes on the app can be made in one bowl, so cleanup is easy too.

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Samsung AddWash Washing Machine
Samsung’s front-load washer cleverly allows you to add forgotten laundry through a special door. There is a Smart Control app to monitor the progress of your washing. It can send you alerts just before the start of a new washing cycle. This is handy if you want to add a few delicate or hand-washed items for rinsing towards the end of the cycle. The machine uses proprietary Ecobubble technology, which mixes air, water and detergent to create fine bubbles that penetrate fabrics and remove dirt.

This article appeared in Issue 767 (Feb 20) of The Edge Singapore.