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Usher in the Year of the Tiger with a roaring array of festive treats

Jasmine Alimin & Samantha Chiew
Jasmine Alimin & Samantha Chiew1/17/2022 10:6 AM GMT+08  • 12 min read
Usher in the Year of the Tiger with a roaring array of festive treats
Dine-in and takeaway treats to help you plan for two weeks-worth of Chinese New Year feasting
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From colourful lo hei platters to prosperity pots and irresistible waist-expanding snacks, here’s a list of dine-in and takeaway treats to help you plan for two weeks-worth of Chinese New Year feasting.

Bee Cheng Hiang

Pork jerky or better known as Bakkwa is a must-have Chinese New Year snack. Although this treat is available all year round, but somehow this snack has been popularised to be eaten during the festive periods. One of the most popular Bakkwa joints in Singapore - Bee Cheng Hiang - is bringing back an all-time favourite premium Bakkwa for this Chinese New Year.

Welcome back the Applewood Sliced Pork ($72 for 1kg). Smoked for two hours with US imported Applewood, injecting a smoky BBQ flavour into the succulent meat, this special Bakkwa is made from premium pork hind leg, marinated with Bee Cheng Hiang’s traditional secret recipe and barbecued to perfection, earning its spot as an all-time favourite of Bakkwa lovers.

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In the spirit of gifting, check out also some of Bee Cheng Hiang’s bundle gift sets (from $68 onwards) that features its classic Bakkwa along with some of its other festive snacks, such as crispy chicken rolls, pineapple tarts, egg rolls and more.

Order online at www.beechenghiang.com.sg/cny-2022.html

Crystal Jade

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Host a memorable lunar new year dinner at home with Crystal Jade’s delectable array of takeaway specialities such the popular CNY Special Take Home Set ($308 for 5 pax), beautifully packed in a customised gift box. The six-course feast includes Reunion Tiger Prawn Yu Sheng, Sauteed Scallop with Ling Zhi Mushroom, Steamed Salted Chicken, Braised Abalone and Homemade Pipa Beancurd, Fortune Fried Glutinous Rice with Sakura Shrimp and Gula Melaka Sponge Cake.

One of our favourites on the takeaway menu is the all-new Opulence 3-head Abalone Yusheng (from $128) which consists of lightly torched 3-head Abalone slices, jellyfish and tobiko crown paired with a medley of fresh fruits and vegetables. Everything you can think of is in here: red dragonfruit, pomelo, mandarin orange, pickled cucumbers, sweet ginger, dried yuzu peel, chickpeas, walnuts, and deep-fried yam strips. To complete, there is also hsin chu bee hoon and gold flakes as the final flourish, topped with refreshing roselle yuzu dressing.

Another new dish to enjoy is the Braised Duck with Preserved Black Bean ($52.80). A riff on a perennial favourite, this has a more smoky and intense flavour profile courtesy of preserved black beans.

We absolutely love the Buddha Jump Over The Wall ($88) comprising over 10 ingredients that are simmered for over six hours. This convenient pot-in-one is a luxe option for serving in style in the comfort of home.

For dine-in any of Crystal Jade’s restaurants, reservations can be made online via https://inline.app/booking/cj. For takeaways, order online at estore.crystaljade.com.


Fanntasy, an online pastry brand by local actress Fann Wong, is unveiling its limited-edition Chinese New Year gifting sets, which each set featuring Wong’s personal favourites when it comes to festive goodies.

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The festive gift set ($88) includes Orange Pineapple Tarts, Wong’s most favourite treat during the Chinese New Year, that features tangy pineapple jam layered with French orange candied peel; Brown Butter Almond Nibs, another guilty pleasure shaped like ingots for an auspicious touch; as well as the Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake, enriched with lemon zest, orange peel and creamy mascarpone cheese, topped with cream cheese and candied orange peel.

The Orange Pineapple Tarts are also available at $48 for two tubs, whereas the Brown Butter Almond Nibs and Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake are not available for a la carte ordering.

Order online at www.fanntasybakes.com.sg

Goodwood Park Hotel

If you’re looking for Tiger-themed desserts to serve your guests or gift loved ones, Goodwood Park Hotel offers Instragrammable treats such as the ‘Mao Shan Wang’ Tiger Swiss Roll ($133) featuring a stripey orange-vanilla sponge cake filled with decadent durian paste, or the delightful Tiger Gâteau ($98) vanilla pound cake with meticulously made with tiger stripes inside and out.

Our favourite is the Sweet Abundance Tier Set ($98 nett for 16 pieces), featuring an assortment of bite-sized pastries displayed in a Chinese-style cabinet. A definite highlight is the Golden Fortune Bucket ($138), a stellar showpiece of dark chocolate ingots and gilded coins atop a pineapple pound cake base sealed inside a handcrafted icing ‘bucket’.

For dining-in and takeaway, Min Jiang and Min Jiang at Dempsey will be offering a line-up of popular treasure pots, lo hei, and new savoury indulgences like Min Jiang’s Braised Spring Chicken with Iberico Pork Rolls & Abalone in Pot, or Min Jiang at Dempsey’s Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Abalone & Matsutake Mushrooms in Claypot.

To order, visit goodwoodparkfestive.oddle.me for delivery or self-collection.

House of Wèi

Newly-opened House of Wèi at Fairmont Singapore presents modern Chinese cuisine inspired by master Chinese chef Mok Wan Lok’s 42-year rich culinary journey reinterpreted through contemporary and time-honoured Chinese cooking techniques to excite modern-day palates.

For Chinese New Year, the restaurant has curated festive set menus such as the 8-course Auspicious Set Menu ($118 per person) to reign in the auspicious Year of the Tiger. Begin with a refreshing Longevity Fruit Yu Sheng with 3 Sea Treasures, a healthier rendition of the festive staple that showcases a colourful medley of sweet tropical fruits including one of Chef Mok’s favorite ingredients, the young coconut. Shredded into noodle-like strands to signify longevity, the young coconut lends a different texture, aroma and sweetness to the customary Chinese New Year dish that is paired with classic Yu Sheng condiments. Topped with a bounty of three oceanic treasures – Norwegian salmon, snow crab and abalone – and a unique sweet and sour sauce of fruit jams, citrus juices and fragrant shallot oil, the dish is a highlight that is not to be missed.

The hearty and honest House of Wèi Prosperity Gold Pot is a time-honoured recipe handed down by Chef Mok’s mentors. A reunion of land and sea flavours in a pot, the dish features abalone, prawn, sea cucumber, conpoy, dried oyster and roasted pork that are slowly braised with superior ham stock.

A reinvented homecooked dish enjoyed by Chef Mok, the Braised 6-Head Abalone with Fatt Choy Oyster Roll is a well-loved classic slow-cooked in a flavourful ham stock that is packed with umami flavours from abalone infused with aged soy stock, and other auspicious festive ingredients such as dried oyster and fatt choy deftly wrapped in bean curd skin.

House of Wèi is at Level 3 Fairmont Singapore. For reservations, call +65 6431 6156 or email [email protected]

Jiang Nan Chun

Celebrate new beginnings over a sumptuous feast at Jiang Nan Chun at Four Seasons Hotel Singapore. The restaurant has prepared lunar celebration menus both a la carte and sets from $178 per person (including a six-course vegetarian menu from $138) now available till Feb 15. Highlights from the menus include the Prosperity Yu Sheng with lobster, abalone and salmon, Wok-fried Australian Lobster with chilli sauce and crispy noodle, and Braised Imperial Chicken with six-head abalone, fish maw, sea cucumber, dried scallop and black mushroom. For reservations, call 6831-7220 or email [email protected]

Mdm Ling Bakery

Usher in the year of the tiger with Mdm Ling Bakery’s limited-edition collection of lunar new year goodies in tropical rainforest-themed gift sets. By way of the “Spring in the Tropics" Chinese New Year theme, Mdm Ling Bakery hopes to show a roar of support to the remaining wild tigers in the world as we roar into the festive spirit with abundance like the rainforests abundant in foliage.

Get the most out of your forest-like picnic experience with the Festive Picnic Basket ($148) laden with six standard-sized bottles of festive cookies and the gift set comes with a complimentary matching picnic mat. If you’re looking for a square deal, grab the tropical rainforest-inspired box gift sets ($29.80 each). Or how about the festive round tins designed with tropical rainforests and a tiger fronting one of the tin lids (from $24.80).

Of noteworthy mention is also the Peony Celebrations ($48) gift box of four fun-sized cookie bottles that is lovingly designed with a peony in full bloom. Revered as the “King of Flowers” that symbolises happiness, honour, wealth and prosperity.

Order online at www.mdmlingbakery.com

Mott 32

Ring in a prosperous Spring over reunions at Mott 32 with its luxurious eight-course Prosperity Chinese New Year set menu at $188++ per person, available for both lunch and dinner from now till Feb 15.

Commence the feast with the smoked salmon yu sheng, before relishing the deluxe BBQ platter, boasting a trio of delectable starters such as crispy roasted pork belly, marinated jellyfish and cucumber, as well as apple wood roasted 42 days Peking duck roll “signature Mott 32 cut”.

Sip on the nourishing double boiled abalone and chicken soup with Matsuke mushrooms, bamboo pith, before tucking into the lavish braised Boston lobster with butter lemon sauce. Other menu highlights include the steamed garoupa fillet and the traditional fragrant glutinous rice, Japanese dried shrimp, crispy taro, preserved sausage.

For desserts, indulge on the classic festive treat of pan-fried nian gao, before rounding up the meal with a serving of Mott 32’s home-made sweetened red bean soup with aged tangerine peel, glutinous rice dumpling filled with black sesame.

For cocktail lovers, Mott 32 has also concocted a special golden-hued ‘Pineapple Tart’ (S$26++) cocktail, a creative blend of butter washed Remy Martin VSOP, yuzu sake, fresh pineapple juice, condensed milk and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

All guests who opt for the set menu will enjoy a complimentary glass of ‘Pineapple Tart, or your choice of draft beer, house wine or house champagne. For reservations, visit marinabaysands.com/restaurants/mott32.html or call 6688 9922.

Seriously Keto

Enjoy your Chinese New Year goodies without worrying about the guilt that comes with it with Seriously Keto’s festive treats. With delicious festive treats such as the “No Pineapple” Pineapple Tart ($18.80) made with fresh wintermelon and Cashew Cookies ($11.80) available, the healthier Chinese New Year bites by Seriously Keto are perfect for celebratory gatherings with family and loved ones, without any of the nasties.

Synonymous with the Lunar New Year, the iconic pineapple tarts are a quintessential treat and a festive favourite with many Singaporeans. Seriously Keto’s very own unique, healthier rendition features a flaky, buttery pastry exterior and a delightful, caramelised filling made from fresh winter melon instead of the high in fructose pineapple.

Meanwhile, the Cashew Cookies incorporates alternative ingredients such as almond flour, pink Himalayan salt and keto-approved sweeteners, providing the same flavours and joy as the traditional version but better for blood sugar levels. Check out also the luxurious Pecan Coconut Tart ($88.80) that carries subtle whiffs of butterscotch and is the perfect house-gift to impress guests with.

Grab all three festive treats in the Seriously Prosperous Bundle ($108) or the Seriously Prosperous Hamper ($138.80) that comes in a festive package.

Order online at www.seriouslyketo.com.


If you’re looking for lo hei with a difference, try Yàn’s signature Abalone & Salmon with Gold Foil Lo Hei in ‘Shun De’ Style (from $92++). Available for dine-in only, the yusheng features a mountain of crispy vermicelli crowned with shredded purple and yellow sweet potatoes, pickled ginger, and gold flakes. The stunning tower is decorated with a vibrant garland of vegetables and sesame seeds symbolising harmony, and fresh slices of salmon and braised abalone for a year of abundance.

For Chinese New Year, restaurant diners can select from five set menus (from $138++ to $268++ per person) offering six to seven courses featuring premium meats and seafood, and an eight-course vegetarian set menu ($88++ per person).

If you’re planning to have an intimate meal at home, be sure to order the signature Harvest Pen Cai (from $325), offered for dine-in and takeaway. The treasure trove features layers of 18 delicacies such as 6-head abalone, sea cucumber, prawns, whole conpoy, collagen-rich pork tendons, king grouper fillet, scallops, roast pork, soya chicken, and roast duck. Each ingredient is individually prepared, then combined in a claypot and simmered in a flavourful braised duck sauce.

For at-home celebrations, chooser the Lunar New Year Reunion Treasures ($388+ for 5 persons; $776+ for 10 persons) – a festive set of three communal dishes which include classic Salmon Yusheng, Harvest Pen Cai and Wok-Fried Glutinous Rice with Preserved Meat.

For something larger, there is the six-course Lunar New Year Family Feast ($98 nett per person; minimum 4 persons) which includes a Salmon Yusheng, Steamed Cod Fillet with Preserved Lemon Peel Sauce, Braised 6 Head Whole Abalone, Fish Maw and Prawns, and Chilled Pumpkin Cream with Aloe Vera Jelly accompanied by Deep-Fried Sesame Rice Ball.

Some other classic delights from Yàn include whole Yàn Peking Roast Duck (from $95+), Signature Crispy Roast Suckling Pig ($328+) Roast Pork Belly ($18+ per serving) and Roasted Duck Marinated with Mandarin Peel ($88+).

For reservations, Call (65) 6384 5585 WhatsApp (65) 8198 3398 Email [email protected]. To order delivery visit bit.ly/yancny2022

yì by Jereme Leung

For a truly exquisite Lunar New Year feast, dine in style at at yì by Jereme Leung at Raffles Hotel Singapore, and savour time-honoured specialities such as Steamed Spotted Garoupa & Fresh Lily Bulbs with "Mao Er Duo" Black Fungus, as well as Cantonese Sponge Cake infused with Dried Tangerine Peel, available as a la carte selections and presented as set menus from S$168++ per person.

But if you’d rather keep your celebration home-bound, then order chef Leung’s beautifully packaged yu sheng platters such as Longevity Yu Sheng features premium ingredients such as arctic shellfish and Japanese sweet shrimps, while Prosperity Yu Sheng is served with tuna sashimi, Spanish Ibérico ham and honey melon.

If mum’s not cooking, then order in the Decadent Home Dining Set (from $950) which features a filling 8-course meal complete with Fortune Yu Sheng, Organic Eggplant, Scallop and Spinach Roll, Crispy Pork Belly, Steamed Chicken and Choy Sum, Steamed Codfish, Prosperity Seafood Treasure Pot, and Steamed Jasmine Rice with Chinese Goose Liver Sausages & Preserved Meat.

For dine-in reservations, visit https://www.yi-restaurant.com.sg/. Takeaway orders can be placed on https://www.rafflescelebrations.com.sg/

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