SINGAPORE (Jan 23): After a satisfying hot bowl of ramen (or maze-soba), cool down with some ice cream and Japanese tea latte at Emma. Emma is a Japanese dessert and tea brand that has been brought to Singapore by the people behind Menya Kokoro. You’d be able to find the Emma outlets just adjacent to the Menya Kokoro outlets in Plaza Singapura and 100AM. 

The must-try and must-Instagram thing here is Emma’s signature “gravity-defying” ice cream. The signature Original Soft Serve ($4.80) has a milky flavour that you can pair with dips and sprinkles. The soft serve is served in a black charcoal cone that is flown in all the way from Japan. Try tipping your ice cream upside down and you would notice that the ice cream stays on the cone and does not fall off! This is because its signature soft serve is loaded with premium ingredients to keep it firm, rich and creamy. The soft serve is also available in black sesame flavour. 

Enjoy the same delicious soft serve in a cup and customise it to your liking. There are three levels of customisation starting with a choice of crunchy bases, then layer it your choice of soft serve flavour, and lastly, top it off with the range of drizzles and toppings. 

If ice cream is not really your thing, try the Kuromitsu Latte series (from $4.50) here at Emma that features Japanese teas in creamy Hokkaido milk and Okinawa sugar. You can even opt to add Okinawa brown sugar tapioca pearls into your latte to satisfy your bubble tea cravings. There are three flavours of Kuromitsu Latte for you to choose from – Kurogoma (black sesame), Hojicha (roasted tea) and Sencha (brewed tea).