SINGAPORE (June 19): If you’re looking for a quick, easy and tasty starter to your meal, we have just the thing for you. This week, we issued our Chef’s Challenge to Chef Troy RhoadesBrown, owner and chef of Muse Restaurant, who shares his recipe for fried school prawns (small, white prawns easily found in a market) with spring onions, lime and a spicy sriracha mayonnaise. 



1. Marinate prawns in fish sauce

2. Transfer to the flour mix and coat well

3. Remove excess flour and fry at 180°C until crispy and golden, approximately three minutes

4. Transfer to a bowl lined with paper towel and toss through fried shallots and finely sliced spring onions

5. Season to taste with salt

6. Serve with a squeeze of lime juice and dipping sauce 

"This dish is simple, fast and wonderful. Best shared with others, it can also be a movie night snack or dinner party canape. For best results, make sure your school prawns are super fresh. Also, make the mayonnaise as spicy as you wish. Toss some extra ingredients like fresh coriander, mint, thai basil and togarashi (Japanese mixed spice/seeds) over the prawns before serving." - Chef Troy

Chef Troy Rhoades-Brown began his cooking career in Newcastle, England, at the age of 16, working for a small family-owned Italian restaurant called Pascalles, before moving to the Hunter Valley, Australia to work for Chef Robert Molines of Robert’s Restaurant. Troy was awarded the 2005 Brett Graham Scholarship, granting him a trip and work experience at The Ledbury in the UK.

In 2009, he opened Muse Restaurant and this was followed by Muse Kitchen in 2011. He has won numerous awards, including Australia’s Young Restaurateur award for Appetite for Excellence in 2014, and National Next Gen Chef in the annual Delicious Magazine Produce Awards in 2015. Troy has a dedicated love and attention for running a restaurant that delivers a complete dining experience through a passionate, professional team that are proud to champion Hunter Valley produce.