After 12 years at one-north, Min Jiang has moved to a bigger space at an upscale area.

SINGAPORE (July 1): Dempsey Hill is home to some of Singapore’s most popular restaurants. And now, it will house the all-new Min Jiang.

Step inside the restaurant and you will be greeted by its chic and sophisticated ambiance, with large floor-to-ceiling windows and modern chinoiserie aesthetics (main image). The restaurant is surrounded by lush greenery, which complements the interiors and gives off an ethereal and romantic vibe.

Come for the ambiance, but stay for the food. Since opening in 1982 at Goodwood Park Hotel, Min Jiang has held a reputation for serving some of the best Chinese cuisine in Singapore. The dishes here are the brainchild of Master Chef Goh Chee Kong, who has been with the restaurant for 17 years.

In conjunction with Min Jiang’s relocation to Dempsey, Goh has curated a new menu with new flavours.


Steamed ‘Goldfish’ Prawn Dumpling is seasoned white prawns wrapped in a house-made crystal dumpling skin and then steamed and topped with tobiko

Did you know that the name Min Jiang refers to the Min River, a historic waterway in China? And as the restaurant moves to Dempsey, it echoes the migration of fish in the Min River. With this inspiration in mind, Goh has created the delicate Steamed “Goldfish” Prawn Dumpling ($4.80++ per piece) that seems to be “swimming” in egg white sauce. In this dish, seasoned white prawns are wrapped in a house-made crystal dumpling skin and then steamed and topped with tobiko (flying fish roe). The dumpling is then put into a pool of sauce made of egg white, chicken stock and Chinese ham.

This should get your appetite running (or swimming) for more dim sum. The Deluxe Dim Sum Platter ($38++) is a great way to try out more of Min Jiang’s creative dim sum creations in a single serving. It comprises four types of dim sum — Steamed Blue Pea Truffle Vegetable Dumpling, Steamed Crabmeat, Prawn and Vegetable Dumpling shaped like a sting ray, Deep Fried Glutinous Rice “Golden Pumpkin” and Steamed Scallop Dumpling.

Whet your appetite with the Braised Sea Treasure Soup in Pomegranate Egg White Parcel paired with Prawn Spring Roll ($48++). This soup dish features an egg white parcel with seafood filling in a thick chicken and pork soup that has been reduced until it becomes a collagen-rich broth.

Moving on to some of the mains, one notable seafood dish is the Turbot Fish Served in Two Styles (seasonal price by 100g) — coated in a batter and deep fried with minced garlic and almond flakes and bread crumbs, giving you light and crispy fish pieces with a strong umami flavour; and stir fried with seasonal vegetables, hon shimeji mushrooms and truffle oil, giving you something a little more light with a hint of truffle.

Legendary Wood-Fired Beijing Duck is prepared in a traditional method whereby the duck is roasted over fragrant apple wood

Regular patrons, as well as new ones, would also be delighted to know that some of the well-loved signatures and specialties will remain on the menu. One such is the Legendary Wood-Fired Beijing Duck ($118 for a whole duck). This dish is prepared in a traditional method whereby the duck is roasted over fragrant apple wood.

End the meal on a sweet note with the Chilled Peach Resin with Pear and Snow Lotus Seeds ($12++), featuring a double-boiled snow pear in a chilled sweet soup of peach resin and snow lotus seed. This refreshing dessert is light enough to be enjoyed after a heavy meal and is perfect to cool down in Singapore’s warm weather.

For something with a local twist, give the Banana Toffee ($10++) a try. This somewhat resembles the local sweet snack goreng pisang (banana fritters), but with a little more pizzazz with the addition of caramel and white sesame seeds.

About 80% of the menu at Min Jiang was changed when the restaurant moved from one-north. Get acquainted with the new menu by dropping by at the new Min Jiang.

7A and 7B Dempsey Road,
Singapore 249684
Open daily: 11.30am to 2.30pm;
6.30pm to 10.30pm
Tel (for reservations): 6774 0122