Leading business and investment weekly, The Edge Singapore (TES), has launched a new magazine, WOMAN, which celebrates the individualism and achievements of extraordinary women in Singapore.

The inaugural issue of WOMAN, launched today, features 44 pages of stories of courage, entrepreneurship and tenacity from outstanding women in tech, investment, real estate, F&B, arts, healthcare and more. In WOMAN, women of calibre are celebrated and honoured.

Gracing WOMAN’s cover page is Esther An, Chief Sustainability Officer for City Developments Limited, who has led the charge for sustainability efforts within her industry, and beyond, for nearly two decades. 

An is an industry maven whose name is synonymous with sustainable development, who in her 25 years in CDL, has seen the ebb and flow of the business, and has stayed ahead of the curve by consistently preparing for change and evolution.

WOMAN also features up-and-coming entrepreneurs making waves in their industries, such as eco-beauty champion, Nadia Chan, who founded Maiko, the Singapore distributor for Australian skincare brand Canvas, and Chia Yee Hui of Idea Ink, whose unique illustration and visual recording firm earned accolades from Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself. 

Others include cancer care leader Serena Wee of Icon Cancer Centre, and Lesli Berggren, founder of LOVE, NILS, who overcame the death of her 12-year-old son to honour his memory with a charity bringing social and emotional support to cancer-stricken children and their families. 

Audrey Simon, Editor of WOMAN, says the magazine is aimed at inspiring a new generation of women leaders, and to showcase the incredible talent and bravery of women in Singapore. 

“The women we have chosen to feature have overcome odds, forged their own paths, and defied expectations. We want to celebrate them as they should be celebrated, and to also learn from their experiences so we may inspire future leaders,” Simon said. 

The decision to title the magazine WOMAN was deliberate, she added. “The women of today are not a collective, as they pursue originality and individuality. WOMAN is a magazine to read and be inspired, invigorated and informed; it is for the woman who is strong, savvy, and knows who she is and what she wants.”

With the magazine, The Edge Singapore is expanding its reach beyond providing cutting-edge, sharp and savvy investment ideas. Bernard Tong, CEO and publisher of The Edge Publishing Pte. Ltd. said WOMAN is a part of TES’s efforts to continuously invigorate its content for its readers.

“I am very proud of this project, and of my team who has put this together. As a publication, we cannot lose our leading edge and must evolve with the times to stay many steps ahead of the competition,” he said.

WOMAN is available as a special supplement to The Edge Singapore, at all major newstands.

The website can be found at https://woman.theedgesingapore.com.

A digital copy of WOMAN is available on the website