SINGAPORE (June 5): BMW 5 Series gets a makeover.

The German luxury car brand has been busy giving some nips and tucks to its popular range of cars. The mid-sized sedan, the 5 Series, has been given a subtle facelift and now looks more angular with some sharper edges. This gives it an altogether more modern and sporty look. BMW loves its kidney grilles and this is now wider and taller on the new 5 Series. There are also new eye-catching LED headlights and cool-looking trapezoidal exhaust tailpipe finishers. It is not just the exterior that has been updated, but the interior also gets some new features in the areas of driver assistance and connectivity. The new BMW 5 Series sedan is expected to launch in Singapore in the second half of the year with a price of between $240,000 and $280,000 with COE.

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Mini Cooper goes all-electric

Fancy helping save the planet while looking cool? Launched in Las Vegas, the new Mini Cooper SE is a pocket rocket with a zero carbon footprint. This electrified go-kart has a low centre of gravity giving it a very torquey drive with its smooth electric performance. The car’s driving range is between 235km and 270km on a fully-charged battery, which Mini says comes down very gradually due to an extremely effective all-in cooling system for the interior and the high-voltage battery. Charging is super quick, from 0% to 80% charge in 36 minutes and you still get the same amount of boot space as a standard Mini Cooper S. The all-electric car is expected to be launched in Singapore in 3Q with an approximate price of below $160,000.


A big boy’s toy

Lego Technic has launched a new building set in the shape of a dynamic looking Lamborghini supercar. But not just any old supercar — the Sian FKP 37 which is a limited edition Lambo. This replica model is described as the ultimate collector’s item and will set you back $550. But once built, it will look great in any man cave. Plus, with more than 3,600 pieces it will definitely keep you busy for a day or two while stuck indoors. Lamborghini only made 63 of the full-sized version and they were snapped up quickly, so this could be your only chance to get in on the action. The real car is powered by a V12 engine and hybrid technology. The collector’s model keeps all of the car’s sportiness and includes a replica of the engine, along with a moveable rear spoiler, front and rear suspension and steering. Plus the Lamborghini badge on the front too.

Bentley Bees make a comeback

There is more to British luxury carmaker Bentley than meets the eye. Bentley is big into bees, which are an important part of the ecosystem, and looks after hundreds of thousands of them — which it calls the Flying Bees. Bentley is installing two new beehives, with one more to follow, taking the total number of Flying Bees to 300,000. This production ramp-up is expected to produce more than 200 jars of honey by the end of the harvest season. The amount of its national beehives will increase from two to five, all located on the edge of Bentley’s headquarters in Crewe in the northwest of the UK. The luxury brand says workers on its Bentayga, Continental GT, Flying Spur and Mulsanne production lines are practising strict social distancing measures on site. However, this will not extended to its bees.

Lamborghini launches digital stamp

Italian supercar brand Lamborghini is launching digital stamps via an app for fans across the world. The first collaboration is dedicated to the Huracán Evo RWD Spyder, which is the model Lamborghini unveiled at the beginning of May, following the company’s reopening after the Covid-19 shutdown. The stamp is part of a themed series dedicated to the history of Lamborghini and more than 20 of its most iconic cars. The Huracán Evo RWD Spyder stamp can be downloaded via the Bitstamps App and will be issued in a limited edition of 20,000 pieces. The stamp can be bought, collected, or resold exactly like a paper stamp. Stamp buyers will be able to resell them on the Lamborghini Marketplace when it opens in the next few months.

BMW 6 Series goes sporty

It is big and it is bold, and it is also getting a makeover. BMW’s 6 Series Gran Turismo model has undergone a facelift that gives it a more sporty look, along with the introduction of hybrid technology. This comes courtesy of a 48V battery that works as a starter and generator, while improving overall efficiency. BMW is gradually adding electric motors to its model, what it calls mild hybrid technology. Buyers also get new features such as BMW Laserlights, new alloy wheels of up to 20in in size and an upgraded operating system. Revealed online by the German brand, the new 6 Series has a Singapore launch date set for the final quarter of this year, and an expected price of $300,000 including COE.