Finding the right dining table is as important as planning the menu

SINGAPORE (Jan 10): With the Lunar New Year around the corner, family reunion dinners are planned and invitations sent out. However, you also need a dining table that is the focal point for families to gather and share experiences. Options offers a few tips to help you make your choice.

Plate Dining Table by Jasper Morrison

If you are on the hunt for something contemporary yet classic looking, this elegant Jasper Morrison and Vitra collaboration could be it. The table’s design is a subtle interplay of planes and curves, giving it a refined appearance. The tapered legs with a quarter circle profile also adds an interesting aspect to the overall frame of the table. The Plate Dining Table comes in several sizes and colours perfect for any setting. The table tops come in solid wood, glass, marble or Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) – an engineered wood fibre that is made by combining hard and softwood. Morrison is a British designer who holds a BA in Design from Kingston Polytechnic Design School (1982) and an MA in Design from the Royal College of Art, London (1985). In March 2007, Morrison – well-known for using machines to refine his harmonious designs – was awarded an honorary doctorate in design from Kingston University London.

Alamo Lema Table

For those looking for premium designs that lend an air of sophistication to your home, we suggest the Alamo Lema table by David Lopez Quincoces. The table is made of metal and comes with your choice of a wooden or marble top. By way of interpretation, the table is a nod to the designs of the 1940s where wood such as walnut are carved out to form sturdy designs. Quincoces is the Spanish born but Milan based designer who began his career with Piero Lissoni and collaborated on numerous interior design and architecture projects. Today he runs his own studio Quincoces-Dragò & Partners where he practices architecture, graphics, interior and industrial design.


Four tips for choosing a perfect table

● If you have an extended family or enjoy entertaining, get extendable tables. They are easy to fold when not in use, giving you more space.

● Always measure the size of your dining room – you don’t want a huge table in a small space. You might also want to get a round table to help maximise space.

● Inject fun into your look by introducing colour. Think Monica from Friends, her home had a dining table that came with a set of colourful chairs.

● If you have space to spare, you might want to consider a matching sideboard to stash your silverware.