Introducing the latest treatments and upgraded technologies at David Loh Surgery

Dr David Loh is perhaps best known in the medical aesthetic industry as the go-to doctor for botox and filler procedures. In fact, several of his “neighbours” at Wheelock Place performed their first injections under his guidance over the last decade, shares Loh over a media lunch recently.

Since founding his eponymous practice over 15 years ago at Wheelock Place, Loh has expanded his services to encompass a head-to-toe variety of aesthetic procedures using the latest medical-grade devices. He has also recruited prominent industry names — Dr Phoon-George Yi Shan and, more recently, Dr Vanessa Phua — to oversee the treatments as his partners.

This year, David Loh Surgery is introducing new and upgraded technologies to enhance its existing range of minimally- and non-invasive aesthetic service offerings.

Pico Genesis Enlighten, which employs ultra-short picosecond laser pulses, uses a two-in-one laser procedure to treat skin concerns by delivering a shockwave- like effect to shatter pigmentation, while at the same time triggering the disrupted upper dermise to naturally remodel and result in a more radiant and uniform complexion in a matter of days. With each session lasting just 20 minutes, this treatment makes for a perfect lunchtime procedure, and can be used to address a variety of concerns including sun spots, age spots and dull skin.

Also new at David Loh Surgery are devices from European manufacturer Zimmer Aesthetics, Z Lipo and Z Wave. The former is a third-generation cryolypolysis treatment system to enhance the body’s contours and overall appearance via fat freezing, while the latter subsequently hastens the clearance of broken-down fat cells by up to 44% with high-energy radial shockwaves. Together, they help to eliminate the appearance of stubborn fats and cellulite.

Zeltiq CoolSculpting may have been around for a while, but now there are even more reasons to opt for this non-surgical fat reduction technique. A new generation of applicators is now available at David Loh Surgery to better fit your curves — from the CoolAdvantage series of applicators that reduce the CoolSculpting treatment time from an hour to just 30 minutes, to Cool- Mini applicators that have been uniquely developed for smaller areas like the chin and underarm areas.

David Loh Surgery clinics are located at Wheelock Place and Park House.

 This article appeared in Issue 793 (Aug 21) of The Edge Singapore.