Increase the quality of your life at any age with a premium healthcare management system.

The term “concierge” brings to mind luxury services usually reserved for elite customers — five-star hotels at the forefront with dedicated concierge teams assisting guests to get restaurant or theatre reservations, or hire a limousine. Over the years, other establishments such as airlines, airports and high-fashion boutiques have embraced the concept. Some hospitals now offer concierge services, too.

For those who are too busy to see a doctor, or inconvenienced by the long queues at clinics, a “personal wellness concierge” can make it easier for them to stay healthy. A personal wellness concierge is a customised patient-centric health and wellness management programme that focuses on prevention, early detection, intervention and treatment of health issues, based on an individual’s needs.

The concept, although not new, is the latest trend in the medical industry. An increasing number of similar models in the US and Europe are flourishing in the form of concierge healthcare and concierge medicine — Asia is not far behind. Life Infinity, the global provider of premium healthcare management, regeneration and preventive care, recently opened in Singapore, following its success in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Bo’ao. It aims to increase quality of life at any age.

“I created the Life Infinity concept because I believe in helping those who treasure their quality of life and enabling them to have optimal health so they can live at their peak. We are very pleased to introduce the first-of-its-kind curated health management facility that will promote a culture of active healthcare and transform the medical landscape in Singapore,” says Dr Chen Li, founder and chairman of Life Infinity, whose medical expertise includes clinical dermatology, biomedical science and research.

Life Infinity has total wellness solutions that combine Eastern and Western medicine to prevent chronic ailments and cancer, promote active ageing, and optimise one’s health.

Health management is the complete assessment and holistic treatment of the body, taking into account the effects of social, mental and physiological stresses to uncover the complex roots of illness. When it comes to managing your health, one size does not fit all. Life Infinity’s tailored therapy programmes are developed based on a person’s gender, age, unique environment, lifestyle and genes to address potential health risk.

Take age management, for example. Ageing and sickness originate from the cell, according to Life Infinity experts. Combining insights from various medical disciplines — gene, regenerative, nutritional, sports and functional medicines — the centre paves the way for a more accurate and comprehensive diagnosis to understand the root cause of illnesses and better predict the risks of diseases.

In addition to diagnosis, Life Infinity works with the world’s most advanced medical technologies, healthcare systems and experts to formulate an individualised rejuvenation therapy. This promotes reversing ageing from within and curbs diseases at their source.

Ageing has been associated with sarcopenia (the loss of muscle or decrease in muscle tissue). It usually starts at age 50, but becomes more pronounced from age 60 onwards. The diminished muscle function is a major contributor to accidental falls among the elderly. But if people start to look after their health even when they are in their twenties, the risk of muscle loss will be greatly reduced, says Dr Dimitrios Lenis, one of Life Infinity’s medical and wellness experts.

“From the age of 25, you lose 1% of your hormones every year. As you drop your hormones, you lose muscle mass,” says Greece-born Dr Lenis, who has a doctorate in osteopathic medicine and was in charge of administering medical treatments to the Greek Olympic team members in Athens in 2004. So, a person who is physically inactive, preferring to spend time watching TV or tapping on mobile devices, is already losing muscle mass. “By the time you’re in your seventies and eighties, you’ve already lost too much.”

After the screening results are finalised, Life Infinity will direct the client to relevant specialists for further consultation and, if necessary, treatments. The client will have access to various local and international medical experts through associate clinics and other Life Infinity centres. In Singapore, Life Infinity works with its associate, 125 Medical Clinic, as well as other specialist medical clinics.

Prevention is the best medicine. To achieve an improved quality and quantity of life, everyone should get a full health screening regularly. One-stop personal wellness concierge Life Infinity can help manage a person’s health down to the nano detail.

Singapore-based Debbie Reyes-Coloma is a freelance feature and lifestyle writer for various publications in the region.

 This article appeared in the Options of Issue 748 (Oct 8) of The Edge Singapore.