Eliminate bacteria, odour and mildew from your wardrobe with Lema’s revolutionary Air Cleaning System, the latest innovation to make its appearance at W. Atelier’s showroom 

SINGAPORE (Apr 9): Those who believe that clothes maketh the man would recognise the importance of giving their apparel the care and attention they require. Just as we take pains to maintain a hygienic living environment, so too should we ensure the condition and longevity of our clothes.

The Air Cleaning System is fitted at the top of the wardrobe

Italian furniture designer Lema has made this all the easier with its patented Air Cleaning System, created for the Armadio al Centimetro madeto- measure wardrobe programme.

When the brand was introduced at W. Atelier’s showroom in early 2016, Lema was already a household name. As a pioneering force in Italy’s contemporary furniture industry, it is recognised for its highly functional and aesthetically appealing modular storage and design solutions. Lema is also known as the fi rst company in Italy to conceptualise and manufacture a complete range of custom home modular systems that can be arranged according to one’s tastes and requirements.

While Lema made its Singapore debut with standout units by the likes of celebrated French fashion and luxury designer Christophe Pillet and design fi rm Cairoli & Donzelli, the exclusive Air Cleaning System is the brainchild of its team of creatives and technicians, Officinadesign Lema, also referred to as the “soul” of Lema. The team is led by art director Piero Lissoni, who founded his namesake studio in 1986 and graphic design studio GraphX 10 years later.

Built to be discreetly fi tted at the top of your wardrobe, the Air Cleaning System is covered by the Air Control patent. It uses Dust Free Phytocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) technology — originally developed for the sanitisation of aerospace environments — to eliminate bacteria and mildew while removing over 90% of unpleasant odours from clothing, shoes and other items stored.

The system keeps your shoes smelling fresh and free of germs and mildew

This is thanks to a photochemical reaction that occurs because of a combination of nanotechnology, UV lighting and a natural active ingredient that destroys pollutants. This purifying process has led to the Lema Air Cleaning System being certifi ed as a medical product by the Italian Ministry of Health.

The cutting-edge technological process also eliminates the need to manually odour-proof or sanitise a wardrobe’s interiors and leaves your sweaters, suits, evening dresses, bags and shoes smelling fresh and ready to wear.

The system is testimony to Lema’s dedication to both physical and emotional well-being, pairing the lightness and personalisation of Armadio al Centimetro and the Hangar walk-in wardrobe with avant-garde production processes and attention to detail.

The result is a technological breakthrough that revolutionises the concept of a wardrobe — granting it, for the first time in the world, an active role in the sanitisation of clothing and shoes.

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This article appeared in Issue 825 (Apr 9) of The Edge Singapore.

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