Goya bag by Loewe - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

A little facelift

The iconic Goya bag by Loewe returns with small tweaks such as the flap closure with magnetic fastening. There is a metal anagram detail at the top of the flap to give it a bejewelled look. The Goya bag is available in various sizes and bold colours, to suit any occasion.


A rosy outlook

Piaget Rose is made up of four timepieces that pay tribute to the maison’s expert Métiers d’Art over the years. Each piece highlights the mix of gold engraving, ornamental stones featuring glyptic art, and enamel. Ornamental stones have been used by Piaget since the 1960s. The art of micro-sculpting and engraving on these stones is called glyptic art or glyptography. It is mainly used on large stones in jewellery, and it is rare to see it on such a miniature scale. Each of the four dials depicts a bouquet of Piaget Roses.

beach collection for kids by H&M - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Life’s a beach

Parents will love this sustainable beach collection for kids by H&M, which uses materials made of organic cotton, recycled cotton, recycled polyester and recycled polyamide. Sandals are made with innovative technology derived from algae. 

Mediterranean Honeysuckle collection - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Destination Mediterranean

Estée Lauder seduces our sense of smell and transports us to the sun-drenched, azure-blue waters of the Mediterranean through the Mediterranean Honeysuckle collection. Take a dreamy vacation through the eau de parfum and body cream with their blend of sweet Honeysuckle and sparkling Grapefruit that evokes lush flowers and shimmering beaches. Added to this are Bergamot and Mandarin Oil alongside Bourgeon de Cassis.


Maritime adventure

Breguet introduces three new variations of its Marine collection — the 5517, 5527, and 5547 models. The trio celebrates the spirit of adventure and are a tribute to all things related to the ocean; the early Breguet watches were scientific instruments made for the navy. In 2018, these timepieces were created in titanium. In addition to the watch’s resistance to salty air and corrosion – a major advantage in a marine environment – it is also light and robust. The dial features a sunburst finish created by hand. Very fine lines extend from the frame containing the brand name to the edges of the dial.

Minions by Fitbit - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Kids on the move

Motivate your kids to get moving with Ace 3 Special Edition: Minions by Fitbit. It tracks your kids’ activity and sleep. Other functions include hourly reminders to move and daily activity goals, all encased in a swim-proof design with eight days of battery life

Rimowa Essential Cabin - THE EDGE SINGAPORE

Organised chaos

Rimowa collaborates with accessories brand Chaos for a limited-edition line of suitcases and travel accessories. The highlight is the glossy polycarbonate grooves of the Rimowa Essential Cabin that are splashed in Chaos’ style. Each product features a bold graphic in the shape of paint dripping down the suitcase’s exterior. Colour pairings include Saffron Yellow and White, and Cactus Green and Black