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Tennis pro Rafael Nadal’s fragrance line for Henry Jacques is now complete with the final addition of a solid perfume

Jasmine Alimin
Jasmine Alimin • 4 min read
Tennis pro Rafael Nadal’s fragrance line for Henry Jacques is now complete with the final addition of a solid perfume
Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition is concealed in an ultra-luxe titanium case with a special tennis ball motif
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In olfactory opulence, where scents are more than mere accessories but a narrative of sophistication, haute parfumerie maison Henry Jacques emerges as a luminary.

Unveiling a new chapter in the fragrance lexicon is the Clic-Clac solid perfume — a sublime union of artistry, luxury, and the timeless allure of a beguiling aroma.

The launch of Clic-Clac in 2021 was a true turning point for the brand and perfectly reflects Henry Jacques’ DNA, an inspiring blend of heritage and innovation. A daily companion to keep close and a small accessory that fits into every pocket (or handbag), the Clic-Clac houses all 50 Les Classiques scents in the form of interchangeable solid perfume capsules you can swap out and apply.

Clic Clac is not just a perfume but a tactile indulgence — an objet d’art inviting sensory exploration. Its name is derived from the satisfying click-snap sound made when you slide the container open and shut, all thanks to a highly technical, patented mechanism adapted from Swiss watchmaking engineering.

Simple as it looks, the technology behind this took four years to perfect. Depending on how extravagant you’re feeling, the container is available in a choice of precious materials such as titanium, carbon and gold.

A compact jewel-like case, gleaming with understated glamour, cradling the essence of an olfactory masterpiece, Clic-Clac’s solid scented balms complete Henry Jacques’ comprehensive library of Les Classique essences and mists. These product offerings give the wearer the flexibility to wear them independently or allow for layering.

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Game, scent, match

What is great about the Clic-Clac is that this velvety balm contains the same concentration of premium oils as the juices (minus any alcohol), so you only need a few dabs on the skin for the scent to reveal itself. Just ask tennis star Rafael Nadal, who loves Henry Jacques’ elixirs so much that he custom-made his fragrances under a collection called “In All Intimacy”, which retails to the public at all Henry Jacques boutiques.

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A collection that took two years to perfect — more than twice longer than typical custom-made orders — “In All Intimacy” is made up of a trio of fragrances: Rafael Nadal N° 1, Rafael Nadal N° 2, and María Perelló, a special scent for Nadal’s wife. Each scent comes in three forms true to the Henry Jacques marque: Solid perfume, spray (Les Brumes), and essence (Les Classiques).

The collection was born of a series of firsts: A first for Henry Jacques to partner with an icon, a first for Nadal to collaborate with a perfume house, a first for the husband-and-wife duo to join forces on such a project — and a first for Henry Jacques’ bespoke offerings to be made more widely available.

For almost half a century, Henry Jacques has built its legacy as a bespoke perfumery with immense savoir-faire that deeply respects tradition and the privacy of its bespoke clients. So, for the Maison to retail Nadal’s personal and private creations was a very out-of-character move but something all parties agreed to do to reach a wider audience, according to Anne-Lise Cremona, CEO of Henry Jacques.

The couple put all their heart, identity, and strong connection with the Mediterranean into all the fragrances. For Nadal and Perelló, much of their inspiration throughout the creative process was taken from their family home by the sea in Mallorca. 

Rafael Nadal N° 1 is a sporty, manly scent made for on-the-court action using coriander, thyme, violet, lavender, lemon and artemisia, complemented by cedarwood, leather and sandalwood. Rafael Nadal N° 2 is more private and personal with a citrusy head made with bergamot, jasmine flower, lilac, rose and white musk, citrus notes, freesia and sandalwood. María Perelló is a bouquet of happiness made with violet and orange blossom, highlighted by bergamot and jasmine, and enhanced by sandalwood and white musk.

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While customers can house Perelló’s solid perfume in any compact cases available at a Henry Jacques boutique, Nadal gets his own specially-made receptacle called the Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition.

Designed by the Maison’s artistic director, Christophe Tollemer, in collaboration with Nadal, the slim case is made from Grade 5 Titanium. It features a subtle nod to tennis with a neon yellow abstract line and a tactile feel reminiscent of a tennis ball.

A great gift for Nadal fans, the minimalistic monolithic design of the Clic-Clac is contemporary and avant-garde, an extraordinary cult object that seamlessly merges technical excellence with decades of olfactory savoir-faire. 

With the Clic-Clac Rafael Nadal Edition, the Maison invites you to clasp this talisman in the palm of your hand, to click open a world of sensory delight, and delve into intimate memories, emotions and stories of Nadal’s love story and his meteoric rise to success.  

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