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Metamorphosis of the skin

Samantha Chiew
Samantha Chiew • 5 min read
Metamorphosis of the skin
Valmont’s Swiss cellular cosmetic techniques are derived from medical treatments that will provide the kind of care your skin and mind deserves. Photo: Valmont
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Valmont Singapore brings the best of Swiss Cellular skincare with a new facial cabin, offering eight facial treatments to suit every skin type

Hailing from Switzerland, Valmont has held the title as master of anti-ageing treatments since 1985 and perpetuates the unique expertise of Swiss cellular cosmetics with incomparably efficient care treatments giving immediate, long-lasting results.

The care treatments by Valmont find their source in Switzerland’s pure and protected environment. Their exceptional quality is the fruit of a subtle alliance of alpine ingredients and advanced scientific expertise.

Its reputation has travelled around the globe, including the shores of Singapore. While Valmont Singapore already offers a range of facial services in St Regis and W Singapore (Sentosa Cove), it is now expanding within the city-state with the launch of its facial cabin in Tangs Orchard that offers both retail and experience presence.

Allan Moo, managing director of Valmont Singapore, says: “Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, we are committed to giving Valmont lovers a holistic experience here in Singapore. The expansion of the brand in Singapore with this cabin is the brand’s commitment to bringing unparalleled beauty to Singapore. You can count on Valmont Singapore to be walking this pandemic with you, beautifully.”

Valmont’s Swiss cellular cosmetic techniques are derived from medical treatments that will provide the kind of care your skin and mind deserves. At the new Valmont facial cabin, choose between five luxurious facial treatments that will have you glowing at the end of the session — and for days after.

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Sophie Vann Guillon, CEO of Valmont, says: “Valmont lovers can now have their shopping and cabin experience all in one place. This expansion brings Valmont to the world and Valmont lovers around the world. With exceptional treatments, step into a Valmont cabin and feel like you’re in another world.”

Options had the chance to try out a 90-minute Source of Bisses ritual facial treatment — an ultra-replenishing anti-ageing treatment which features the iconic regenerating collagen mask that leaves skin soft, supple and flowing, while fine lines appear smoother just after a single session. This is a facial treatment specially targeted for those (like me) who are prone to having dry skin. With the erratic weather in Singapore, my skin has been losing moisture and often feels tight as it loses its elasticity.

It is rather important to tackle the dehydration issue, as it is a huge factor in accelerated ageing. While drinking tonnes of water may help, external factors too play a role in quenching your skin’s thirst.

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“We harnessed the innate moisturising benefits of our hydration ritual, which boasts an ensemble of rehydrating ingredients delivered via various formulas — mist, mask, pure plant extracts and hyaluronic acid booster — their already spectacular effectiveness further enhanced by bespoke choreographed modelling techniques,” says Vann Guillon, who is the mastermind behind each and every treatment to ensure immediate effectiveness.

The facial treatment starts with a cleanse, where the beautician uses a special “butterfly motion” massage technique to not just cleanse your skin, but also relax your facial muscles. Orchestrated with choreographic precision, this technique guides the skin’s metamorphosis to absolute beauty by promoting a precise application of each product in a graceful and delicate way.

After the thorough and relaxing cleansing, the beautician applies a “next-generation exfoliant”, where the skin is softened by applying a moisturising mask with a pattern of soothing strokes. This is then followed by an exfoliant scrub to remove dead skin cells.

Unlike other facials out there that boast fancy machines and high-tech gadgets, Valmont believes in the traditional ways of massage to allow the skin to absorb its potent products. Hence, the next step is the light decongestant massage that is practised with Valmont’s hybrid Moisturising Serumulsion formula. Apart from it almost sending me into a deep sleep, this step also revives intercellular circulation and tissue exchanges.

Following that, a moisturising cream is applied and spread deep into the skin with light smoothing and effleurage motions. At this stage, I am in utter bliss and struggling to stay awake to find out what comes next.

The Regenerating Mask Treatment is the final step. This special collagen mask aims to plump up the skin, restore hydration and give a toned and rounded look. During this step, the beautician massages my shoulders and hands, putting me into a deeper state of relaxation. After that, she supplements my skin with toner, moisturiser and sunblock.

I enjoyed every step of this facial treatment, and I am also glad to report that my skin was supple and glowy at the end of the session. Valmont Singapore will also provide some free samples to be used after the facial treatment, to prolong its effects.

Apart from the hydrating Sources of Bisses treatment, Valmont Singapore also offers the Vitality of the Glaciers for skin in need of energy; Brightness of Ice for increased radiance; Summit of the Cervin for firming; and the Purity of the Alps for Purification. These facial treatments range from $360 for a 60-minute session to $528 for a 90-minute intensive spa.

Valmont Singapore Facial Cabin
310 Orchard Rd,
Tangs at Tang Plaza, Level 4,
Singapore 238864 Contact:
Tel: +65 9488 2237

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