(July 15): There is always a sort of thrill when performers are on the stage even before the show truly begins. They potter about, getting into character, sometimes they play around with the props on stage, and interact with the audience. Somehow, when they do that -- in full costume, to boot-- a little frisson of excitement runs through you, because you just know that it’s going to be so much fun.

Cirque du Soleil’s ‘Kurios: Cabinet of Curiosities’ is no exception, and the steam-punk look and feel of the show sets the stage for a thoroughly enjoyable two hours that will leave you gasping, cheering and occasionally gripping your seat in terror as the performers seem to defy all the laws of gravity.

Featuring 13 acts that truly test the limits of the imagination and the human body, Kurios is a smorgasbord of incredible acrobatics, swing-jazz live music and humour. The show takes audiences on a journey through the imagination of a scientist, who creates a machine that seeks the fantastical and whimsical in different dimensions.

With a mechanical whir, the show starts with jugglers and acrobats in a chaotic but exciting dance, giving a glimpse of what is to come. One after another, the acts are rolled out, barely giving audiences time to breathe (but in the best way possible).

Some of the most jaw-dropping acts include the Upside Down World, where two mirror images of a mad tea party sees acrobats balancing on nothing more than stacked chairs about two storeys high-- one suspended upside down, the other right side up. Another is the Acro Net, where a group of acrobats seem to fly without wings using a large suspended netted trampoline.

There are also flying bicycles, jugglers, and a man balanced on nothing more than cylinders-- but to say more would spoil the wonder and surprise that awaits anyone who watches the show.

Add to that a good dose of humourous comedy acts, innovative and creative use of shadows and light, and upbeat, catchy music played live right before your eyes and this is a show that is absolutely not to be missed.

Tickets start at $99 from the official Cirque du Soleil website or from Sistic.com, and the show will run from now until August 18.