SINGAPORE (Sept 20): Casio G-Shock Singapore kicked off its 35th anniversary celebrations with its new #WetheGs campaign last week, beginning with the first of a three-part movie series on its website, Vol 1: Shock the Street.

This will soon be followed by two other videos, Vol 2: Shock Your Style and Vol 3: Shock Your Stage.

As part of G-Shock Singapore’s 35th anniversary celebrations this year, fans invited to make a guess of ‘Who that G’ on the official contest page as each volume is released progressively until end-Oct.

Participants with the correct answer will stand to walk away with one of 35 limited edition anniversary watches designed in collaboration with the “Gs” featured in each volume.

The #WetheGs campaign is inspired by “G”, a common slang expression in street culture as short for “gangster”, often used as a term of endearment or greeting among friends or associates.

Through #WetheGs, G-Shock Singapore aims to showcase 35 years of the brand’s unique heritage in sports, arts, music and fashion.

For the first time, the watchmaking company has also collaborated with a local graffiti illustrator for the overall campaign visuals (pictured, above), which marries traditional Japanese anime stylisation  with the classic G-Shock street look to result in a distinctly Cool Nipponica style in a nod to the brand’s Japanese roots.

Watch the first volume of the #WetheGs movie series here: