SINGAPORE (Oct 29): Overseas-Chinese Banking Corporation (OCBC) today a new brand promise campaign with the tagline Simply Spot On, to be rolled out over three months using an integrated multi-channel communication strategy.  

The move comes after previous customer-centric brand campaigns like Stay True and Stay Curious. Ask OCBC, which were launched in 2017 and 2007, respectively.

In a press release on Monday, OCBC emphasises that its brand promise is not a marketing campaign, but instead the bank’s pledge to customers that it will make the effort to listen to them, truly understand them, and come up with the most appropriate solutions to meet their needs.

Apart from advertising on paid media such as print and television, as well as at outdoor locations, the bank says a significant portion of its media campaign budget will go towards digital and social media channels to reflect the media consumption habits of its customers.

Campaign materials will also be pushed out on the bank’s owned media such as at its branches and digital platforms.

To kick off the campaign, OCBC has published a 90-second brand film directed by filmmaker and director Bertrand Lee, which is available online on its Brand Promise page.  

Another three short films will be rolled out over the next few weeks on the Brand Promise page as well as the bank’s social media channels.

They will take a more in-depth look at three particular sets of customers – parents, entrepreneurs and investors – and demonstrate how OCBC takes the time to understand their customers in order to provide solutions for them.

Simply Spot On was chosen as the campaign’s tagline after a series of research sessions conducted with more than 2,400 respondents, including the use of an Implicit Association Test methodology that captures spontaneous emotional responses.

OCBC notes that according to its research, most respondents found the tagline simple to understanding, inspiring and memorable.

Like the campaign’s tagline suggests, the bank endeavours to be “spot on” in its digital offerings by being “the first bank in Singapore and the region to launch many solutions that are useful and meaningful to customers”.

Examples that uphold this vision include innovative features introduced over recent years to both OCBC retail and business customers, such as options to make voice-enabled enquiries and banking transactions. The bank also highlights that it was the first in Singapore to set up its own artificial intelligence (AI) unit earlier in March this year.

“The brand promise tagline is easy to remember, but not easy to live up to. It is simple and clear in what we are promising our customers, but it also means that we have set ourselves a very high bar to meet. And that is why everyone at OCBC is committed to living the brand promise every day so that we can deliver the Simply Spot On experience to our customers consistently,” comments OCBC group CEO Samuel Tsien.