Although Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) is not the first to launch its 5G non-standalone (NSA) network, it will be the first to offer its 5G services at speeds of more than 1Gbps, by harnessing 3.5GHz frequency from its newly expanded spectrum holdings as well as existing 2,100MHz spectrum while employing advanced technologies such as dual connectivity.

Some 20,000 Singtel customers will get to enjoy faster and smoother connectivity for free, along with a 10GB local data for a trial period of three months.

This includes 10,000 existing Singtel Combo and XO customers with compatible 5G handsets who will be progressively provisioned with seamless 5G connectivity. The next 10,000 eligible customers who buy a 5G phone will also get to trial Singtel 5G for free. Beyond the first 20,000 customers, others keen on 5G can also enjoy the trial for $10 per month.

Yuen Kuan Moon, CEO, Consumer Singapore, Singtel, said, “We are excited to introduce our customers to a high-quality 5G experience that will enrich their digital lifestyles. With COVID-19 driving everyone online and dramatically increasing our reliance on digital services to work, learn and play, 5G is set to be a huge enabler in our lives in this new normal. We can tap on its potential in combination with applications such as augmented and virtual reality to deliver dynamic and immersive experiences offering the next best substitute to physical interactions, and also deepen our engagement with customers.”

The news comes on the heels of Singtel’s competitor StarHub launching its own 5G network just two weeks ago. On August 18, StarHub’s 5G network went live on its 2,100MHz spectrum. By mid-2021 StarHub will offer ultra-fast and ultra-responsive 5G services on 3.5GHz spectrum on a standalone architecture to underpin next-generation ICT and digital innovation for Singapore

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As at 12.20pm, shares in Singtel are trading at $2.29.