SINGAPORE (Feb 12): It will soon be more difficult to pull the wool over the eyes of market regulators in Singapore.

Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) announced Wednesday it is adding artificial intelligence (AI) enhancements to its real-time monitoring system to make its surveillance and regulation of the securities market more targeted and effective.

By learning from historical trading patterns and filtering out noise caused by developments across intricate relationships between multiple markets, the market regulator believes AI can help to better isolate unusual activity.

This allows regulatory attention to be more sharply focused on a smaller set of potentially unusual trading signals identified through the surveillance system, which are then further analysed and reviewed by the surveillance team.

The AI can also segregate instances where stock prices of certain counters are artificially maintained even as other securities and the broad markets move significantly.

SGX RegCo says this will eliminate false negatives in its surveillance reports, thereby reducing market noise and increasing the value of its trading queries and alerts.

“SGX RegCo’s focus on targeted regulation extends beyond the way we deploy our established regulatory tools to the development of technology to enhance our surveillance activities,” says Tan Boon Gin, CEO of SGX RegCo.

“The successful use of AI to generate higher quality alerts affirms that investing in new technology can result in increased efficiencies and better outcomes for investors and the market,” he adds.