SINGAPORE (July 2): Keppel Data Centres, along with other industry leaders Chevron, Pan-United, and Surbana Jurong, with the support of the National Research Foundation, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Thursday, to jointly develop the first end-to-end decarbonisation process in Singapore.

Under the MOU, Keppel Data Centres, Chevron, Pan-United and Surbana Jurong will jointly explore, identify and develop mature carbon capture technologies, coupled with novel technologies that utilise cryogens, membranes and hydrogen.

The four companies will also leverage the combined resources, knowledge and capabilities with other research partners, Institutes of Higher Learning and international partners to advance the development of the CCUS technologies.

The collaboration is aimed at accelerating the development of a highly integrated clean and energy efficient Carbon Capture, Utilisation & Sequestration (CCUS) system that can lead to a low-carbon economy and potential commercial developments for Singapore.

Under the Paris Agreement, Singapore has pledged to reduce its carbon emissions – which make up 97% of Singapore’s total greenhouse gas emissions currently – by 36% from 2005 levels and to stabilise its emissions and peak around 2030.

“Keppel is committed to sustainable development and combatting climate change. This MOU augments the different efforts that the Group has taken to reduce the carbon footprint of data centre operations, including exploring floating data centres as well as LNG and hydrogen infrastructure for power generation,” says Thomas Pang, CEO of Keppel Telecommunications & Transportation, the parent company of Keppel Data Centre.

“The CCUS technologies are scalable and can potentially be implemented in Keppel Data Centre’s local and overseas operations, as well as other parts of the Keppel Group, thus contributing to the circular economy and advancing climate action,” he adds.

“Chevron shares the society’s concerns about climate change. We are committed to advancing technologies and forming strategic partnerships in our efforts to deliver reliable, and ever cleaner energy. I am excited that Chevron will be working with like-minded partners in Singapore to progress polymeric membrane research for carbon capture solutions across various applications and industries,” says Law Tat Win, country chairman at Chevron Singapore.

“Multi-industry collaboration is a key strategy to innovate commercially viable clean technologies that can decarbonise the built environment. I am confident that Pan-United’s industry-leading research and development of specialised ready-mix concrete technologies can contribute to this landmark collaboration to combat the adverse effects of climate change,” says May Ng, CEO of Pan-United Corporation Ltd.

“As a multidisciplinary urban and infrastructure design consultancy, Surbana Jurong is providing step change solutions for sustainability across the project lifecycle… Together with our partners, we are excited about exploring new solutions in carbon capture, use and storage that can scale and be commercially deployed to help us get to a net-zero future,” says Wong Heang Fine, group CEO of Surbana Jurong.

Units in Keppel DC REIT closed 3 cents lower, or 1.2% down, at $2.53.