(June 26): Global Invacom, the global provider of satellite communications equipment, says Rai Radiotelevisione italiana (Rai), the Italian national public broadcasting company, has successfully live-tested mobile TV broadcast over 5G.

The Rai transmission system is a prototype implementation of the evolution of LTE-Broadcast, specifically 3GPP Release 14, combined with Global Invacom’s Bx-Wifi technology, to stream high quality HD video to a large number of mobile devices via a Wifi network.

In simple terms, this means users should be able to watch the broadcast without experiencing buffering or loss of signal. Unlike classic video streaming, this solution does not rely on the internet and uses little Wifi bandwidth, allowing other users to access the internet as per usual.

The Rai 3GPP prototype was live-tested during the Feast of St John celebrations in Turin. Live content of the festivities was captured and transmitted through the experimental 5G broadcast technology from the TV transmitter of Torino Eremo towards the city of Turin.

The received signal was then fed through the Bx-WiFi system via which multiple different mobile devices simultaneously viewed the content. Feedback was collected following the trial in order to further improve and enhance the Bx-WiFi technology.

Shares in Global Invacom closed at 8.3 cents on Tuesday.