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A guide to prosperity in the Year of the Water Rabbit

Maybank Investment Banking Group
Maybank Investment Banking Group • 16 min read
A guide to prosperity in the Year of the Water Rabbit
An amazing year awaits those born in the year of the Rat as financial abundance is on the horizon.
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As the market sails through 2022 and leaves the year of the Tiger behind, it welcomes a new era of the Water Rabbit in 2023. Maybank Investment Banking Group’s head of research Thilan Wickramasinghe says Singapore ended 2022 in a position of strength, as it was one of the best-performing markets in Southeast Asia, with the Straits Times Index (STI) gaining some 4% during the year.

With rising interest rates and inflation bringing into question the path to profitability for growth stocks (particularly in the technology sector), the relative visibility of earnings, dividends, and strong balance sheets of Singapore offered a defensive market position. “Inflation globally is still running hot and central banks are signalling that rate hikes will continue until the job is done. We think this could pressure growth stocks, and flows would prefer defensive Singapore,” adds Wickramasinghe.

Some catalysts include increasing sustainability investments flowing to the region favouring Singapore given its lower environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk relative to the region and shifting supply chains from North Asia to Southeast Asia. Other factors include Singapore’s regional hub status and the restructuring and value-unlocking of government-linked companies. Wickramasinghe believes that these could support his 12-month STI target of 3,629 points.

While the clouds of recession are gathering in 2023, the analyst believes that any recession fears could likely be shallow in Singapore’s case, given the government support and the reopening of the hospitality, aviation, F&B, retail and construction sectors.

Still, Singapore’s GDP growth is forecasted to slow to 1.5% in 2023 after expanding by 3.5% in 2022. With the upcoming trends in mind, Wickramasinghe has teamed up with Master Ken Koh — a fengshui master from the House of Feng Shui — to take a deeper look at the respective horoscopes and provide some insight into what to look out for in the year of the Water Rabbit.

Koh has been in the business since 1997 and contributes to corporate and private input for large corporations such as Resorts World, HSBC, UOB and Wheelock Properties. He advises residential and commercial developments, including Singapore Telecommunications (Singtel) and CapitaLand.

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The transition of elements

The significance of time accounts for the dominance of industries, people, behaviour, habits and orientations that shape markets, wealth distribution and opportunities for asset accumulation.

The cycle of the 20 years between Feb 4, 2004, to Feb 3, 2024, is affiliated with the Earth element (known as Period Eight). This supports the growth of Earth-related industries such as construction, real estate, architecture, data storage, waste management and intellectual properties.

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2023 will see Earth’s dwindling energies and the Fire element’s emergence. Fire is all things related to life, power and comfort. Technology, artificial intelligence, transmission and conversion of energies, robotics, internet-of-things and alternative power will take centre stage.

Medical sciences, hospitality, entertainment, inspirational and spiritual matters will also be aligned for the next 20 years. Properties — supported by this Fire cycle — will grow at an accumulated pace that may outstrip the last 20 years’ performance.

The Water Rabbit year brings a sense of calm and stability to markets. The recent interest rate hikes are expected to stabilise and add confidence to equity and stock sectors, especially after May. Singapore — symbolic of the wood element — is expected to benefit from water and wood-supporting elements.

This is in default of the changes created by shutting the borders in China and Hong Kong. Adding to its dynamism, the Fire element as the second half year’s driver for economic activities makes Singapore a clear leader in the recovery process from inflationary and possible recessionary pressures.

Meanwhile, technology, artificial intelligence, alternative energy, social media platforms and payment gateways will also benefit from the impact of climate changes, carbon emission targets and the push for sustainable energies.

Rat: Seize the day!

A fantastic year awaits those born in the year of the Rat as financial abundance is on the horizon. The Prosperity Star accounts for all things money-related in favour. With the Fortune Virtue, the result is a journey of success in investments and increased assets.

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The Heavenly Virtue Star is a nobleman connecting you to the relevant resources and intelligence. This means professionals are coming your way to hold your hands to make profits in a seemingly difficult time.

The Year of the Rabbit is also a Peach Blossom year, which is extremely good for relationships to develop. As good as it looks with the Red Matchmaker Star in your favour, the Rats are especially vulnerable to a punishment relationship here. This is known as an ‘uncivilised punishment’ causing these two groups to venture into ‘forbidden territories’ in personal encounters. Falling into this trap will trigger the scandalous Salty Pool star.

Favoured industries: Travel and entertainment
Favoured sectors: Airlines staff, event managers and attraction performers

Ox: Watch out for your wealth and health

It may not be smooth sailing as no positive stars for the Ox this year. The consolation is the presence of the Sky Bright Star, which dissipates all things evil and dark forces, and it is much you can do to turn things.

You must not despair at the lack of good stars in 2023. If it is just the year of the Ox in your birth chart, external forces such as public policies, overseas ventures and distant relationships are out of your control. The focus on the other positive attributes in your life. But first, handle some negative energies that you are likely to encounter.

Monthly Killing star brings repetitive issues. If you are already saddled with current problems — such as a job loss or cash flow — be ready that they will recur. As the monthly stars are attached to the moon’s energies, it can be an issue brought upon by females. Healthwise, the five viscera are considered Yin energies and include the heart, liver, spleen and kidney. Be aware and be consistent in health checks.

Favoured industries: Hospitality and healthcare
Favoured sectors: Hotel managers, theme park owners and medical workers

Tiger: Horse friends inspire you

The positive stars are insignificant, as the Heavenly Doctor is a perfunctory description of your ability to find medical help when you are ill. It does not give you an additional boost of good health. Golden Carriage is a wealth-related star that symbolises money coming your way because of your attractive powers through looks, physical abilities, academic excellence or deliverance expediency. This, again, is conditional upon your capabilities which in today’s context can mean headhunters matching you due to your excellent credentials or strong recommendations.

Heavenly Officer Charm is a related legal issue for Tigers and is an out-of-the-blue incident, totally unexpected. Please take care of the Sickness Charm because it brings about the resurgence of old illnesses and new diseases due to spread and contagion.

This year, Tigers must watch for airborne threats such as smoke and bacteria-related contraction. Surpassing Path is a people-related issue as it creates a cloud of hostility and disregard from people around you. This can lead to confusion as you lose a bond or relationship with those you trust and are close to you. A self-exploration of a new understanding of others can solve this problem. You can find your friends who are Horses and confide in them; they will lead you out of any issues.

Favoured industries: Education and research
Favoured sectors: Medical scientists, auditors and private tutors

Rabbit: Success awaits

It is an unusual time for Rabbits in 2023. Although ‘offend Tai-Sui’ (the Grand Duke), the upsides far outweigh the negatives.

Two powerful wealth stars are in your favour. First, the Golden Lock Star translates into success in your career, business and endeavours. This forms an external factor that enhances your opportunities for additional sources of income, such as an investment or an increase in your asset value. Next comes the Jade Hall, which works hand in hand with the Duke Arrival Star, an endorsement of your contributions that comes with an official promotion or an increment.

The General Star is one of control and strategy. With this, your leadership skills are being recognised and compensated. It is, therefore, suitable for Rabbits to take on expanded roles, added responsibilities or even seek new ventures. The Academic Star also offers personal upgrading opportunities and learning skills this year. The smart move to double your luck is to tap into the excellent stars of a Dog partnership.

Favoured industries: Consulting and healing
Favoured sectors: Personal coaches, psychiatrists and therapists

Dragon: Stay optimistic

With the Sun Star on your side, Dragons must take advantage of the activities and actions ahead in 2023. This star ranks highest in terms of Yang energies and is considered the most potent Noblemen star that pulls in the most evident results. This is to let you know that you must execute sound plans and strategies early this year.

The Sun Star is greatly enhanced with activities. The advice for Dragons is to gather in an active environment, keep the company of cheerful and energetic people and stay physically and mentally active. The presence of this energy is its ability to dissipate most misfortunes and usually manifests as a male person who acts as a Nobleman to spur, motivate and inspire you to stretch your abilities.

Pulling Saddle Star is symbolic of one getting ready to mount a horse for the battlefield. It denotes travelling, looking for opportunities and the ability to expand one’s horizon. Dragons must be ready to explore new markets and ventures to succeed. You should not turn down overseas stints and business travels that can add to your personal growth and prime for external offers. Take note: August, September and December are great times to invest.

Favoured industries: Start-ups and funding
Favoured sectors: Fund managers, wealth managers and start-up entrepreneurs

Snake: Year of investments

With the blessings of the Sky Horse in 2023, people born in Snake years will do well if they are on the move. Travelling is a significant factor, be it for work or leisure. Sky Horse offers you the broadened horizon that is much needed for your expansion and ties in with some good energies of better connections with people; this star expands your reach to those willing to help you in your quest for success.

If you are proactive and willing to take on sacrifices, 2023 is a year of movements for Snakes, and thus those who are in sales and movement-related jobs are in for a good time. Shifting into a new home, taking up a new job, enrolling on a new class and getting a promotion are often associated positively with the Sky Horse.

Heavenly Noble is a force that protects and insulates you from troubles. It does not usually manifest as a person and is present in random situations and difficult conditions.

Do not take this for granted — always be mindful of giving thanks in prayers each time you are bailed out of trouble.

Favoured industries: Insurance and safety
Favoured sectors: Financial advisors, underwriters and safety managers

Horse: Occasions and inspirations

There are many celebrations to look out for in 2023. For some, happy occasions can mean getting married or having a child. For others, it could be a new job or a special bonus. This start gives you the necessary optimism in difficult times like these. Accompanied by the Heavenly Noblemen, you should pick up some courage to anticipate a high level of success in your endeavours.

The Moon Star ranks first in gender as a Yin or female energy. It also alludes to a powerful sense of inspiration and motivation. Because it is on your side, those with the Horse in their charts must tap into this mindset of sparks of new ideas, inventions, start-ups, new businesses and your determination to succeed. The Moon Star can also show up as a female benefactor, usually a person of good connections, high status and one who can make things happen.

Have you got an ongoing and unresolved issue? It is time for you to seek solutions holistically. Be it a medical, legal or tax problem, go all out to seek help. If professional help comes in the shape of a female person, then your chances of solutions are doubled.

Favoured industries: Real Estate and manpower
Favoured sectors: Property agents, human resource managers and manpower providers

Goat: Progress and recognition

Elegant Seal is an academic star and can be seen as a performing energy. 2023 will make you stand out from the crowd if you are into any entertaining or artistic capacity. It benefits stage performers, including speakers, buskers, tour guides, songwriters, authors and designers. For aspiring artists, this star also motivates and empowers your learning capacity.

Eight Seats Star denotes your opportunities to break into inner circles, select groups and specialised roles. If you are shortlisted into the university of your choice, picked as a potential successor or considered for promotion, your chances are exponentially increased.

Three Stages, on the other hand, works for those who are employed or in business. With a Goat in your chart, progress is gradual and assured.

Tang Fu is the ‘bragging rights’ star associated with good status and image. Your service levels are unmatched if you are in sales and customer service roles. With the help of Relief from God, repetitive problems can be resolved.

Favoured industries: Legal and office
Favoured sectors: Civil servants, charity providers and lawyers

Monkey: Recharge and revitalise

National Treasure is an accolade that brings about rewards or compensation from large-scale exposures of your excellent work and competence. It also points to recognition at work and in business, and as such, Monkeys this year should go all out to showcase their abilities in a more significant way. Appearing online, appearing in a televised interview or being picked up by mainstream media will boost your identity.

Breaking goals into smaller sizes will enable you to achieve cumulatively and with better frequency. This is the positive impact of the Monthly Virtue for you. The wise thing to do is to take it month to month in 2023, and when it comes to resolving problems, a systematic approach will yield good results. Earth Relief is replacement energy. It firstly grounds you to your essential virtues, so Monkey should keep a practical approach to life this year.

Earth Relief also solves issues related to real estate problems. In its physical form, it turns into a good year for you to make repairs or upgrade your home. Besides, it also presents an excellent opportunity for those who wish to go for a makeover or change their lifestyle and personal image. Buying coffee for Rats, Dragons and Snakes are always good.

Favoured industries: Military and operations
Favoured sectors: Commanders, team leaders and acquisition managers

Rooster: Stay calm and consolidate

There are no apparent positive stars in your favour. Roosters have got to get their acts together by managing the negative stars and then look elsewhere to ride on the good fortune of others.

Being Rooster (metal), you will clash out the Rabbit (wood), the year’s commanding star. Wood, meaning wealth to Roosters, is an attraction of adventures, social activities, fun and indulgence. This means Roosters are likely to get into some ‘misfortunes’ if they are ignorant of this relationship.

Calamity Star relates to an environmental mishap, financial or health problem, while Obstacles Star occurs because you are clashing out with the Rabbit in 2023. Achieving your aspirations may take double the effort and twice the time. Mind fogging can also happen in your decision-making processes. Big Consumer points to a leak of financial wealth. In a time of inflation and financial instability, the preservation of money becomes more critical. Safe investments with professional help are crucial in 2023.

Favoured industries: Technology and cyber security
Favoured sectors: Programmers, data scientists and intelligence officers

Dog: Invest wisely and be rewarded

Having the commanding energy behind your back says much about your ability to call the shots, turn in success and benefit from the acknowledgement of all around you. This is the work of the Grand Duke Combination Star. It can appear as a Nobleman or someone in higher authority backing up your plans and authorising you to execute them.

Of the entire suite, the highest ranking is the Emperor Star, which comes with charisma and the character of a leader. With this, 2023 will be a time of achievements and high status. You should take this chance to network with high-value communities and make efforts to speak up for your cause and support. The missing link is the proper timing and execution of plans.

The Dragon Virtue will do no wrong in implementing what is good for you. This star is the problem-solving star and, at times, dissipates the negative situations for many other auxiliary stars and further enhances others.

A partnership with Rabbit will surely bring in the money. This is also the best time to invest for the next two years.

Favoured industries: Management and strategy
Favoured sectors: CEOs, business owners and career coaches

Pig: Save and prepare for better times

The Pig only has the Heavenly Kitchen or the Chef in their favour, which brings enjoyment and value. At the very least, you are assured of food on the table. The advice is not to overindulge, as it makes specific tasks, such as dieting and exercising, more complex.

You will have to contend with some negative stars. First, there is the Back Poking Star, a socially unfriendly energy. This incites gossip, rumours, backstabbing and crafty politics. Similarly, Goat Blade is a ‘Rob Wealth’ star who acts against your interests. It shows up as friends, partners, colleagues, followers, fans, and even siblings who take away your assets and belongings.

Sky Warrior is another socially aggressive star. This one instigates others to stage competitions against you in an aggressive manner. It would be best if you were not drawn into equal confrontations, as you will surely lose out. Instead, you can focus your energies on smart solutions to problems. Sky Warrior often draws you into battles out of ego.

Favoured industries: Finance and accounting
Favoured sectors: CFOs, auditors and tax officers

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