SINGAPORE (June 28): Local entrepreneur Lim Meng Hui was working on an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled security system to detect intruders when his grandmother fell and lay helpless. When her health deteriorated rapidly after that, he decided that detecting falls among the elderly was a far more critical need that his start-up could address.

Lim and co-founder Toh Ying Wei started SmartPeep, a tongue-in-cheek moniker for what is shaping up to be an essential tool for an ageing population.

The system is currently on trial at a hospital and nursing home in Malaysia, as well as a public hospital in Singapore and a retirement village in Australia.

SmartPeep plugs into a facility’s closed circuit television system, and sets off an alarm when it detects that a person has fallen over, alerting caregivers to the situation.

The system is also smart enough to differentiate between patients and nurses, and will turn off the alert when a nurse enters the room to attend to the patient, allowing caregivers to concentrate on their job rather than spend time dealing with the technology.

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