SINGAPORE (Nov 9): International Enterprise (IE) Singapore has brought together three small medium enterprises (SMEs) in logistics, payments and platforms to capture the growing e-commerce market in Southeast Asia through integrating their e-commerce solutions.

The three are Shopmatic, Red Dot Payment and iCommerce Asia.

The group will help Southeast Asian companies to take their businesses online. It has already secured its first $100,000 deal in Southeast Asia, with more in discussions.

This move is part of IE Singapore’s continued efforts to develop a network of Singapore e-commerce companies across the value chain to offer complementary services.

Shopmatic will be providing the e-commerce platform, including website building, product management, social and marketplace integration, analytics, maintenance and support.

Red Dot Payment will be providing digital payment solutions for domestic and international consumers on this platform.

iCommerce Asia will be in charge of the logistics and supply chain management solutions, completing the last mile delivery.

Lee Yee Fung, group director, Lifestyle Business Group, IE Singapore says, “The e-commerce alliance allows companies with different strengths and specialised solutions to come together flexibly to provide comprehensive solutions to customers.”

Beyond this partnership, IE Singapore is looking to encourage more companies with different e-commerce solutions to come forth and form different alliances flexibly to respond to the fast changing competitive landscape.

Currently, IE Singapore is also working with Shopmatic and Octopus Retail Management to develop an integrated online-to-offline (O2O) e-commerce solution targeting O2O retailers in India, where consumers shopping online are driven to also make purchases offline.

To facilitate more partnerships and projects, IE Singapore will organise a series of roundtables this month to better understand challenges SMEs face for regional ecommerce projects.