SINGAPORE (June 4): Ride-hailing firm Grab has launched its in-car sampling and retail passenger experience, Grab&Go, in partnership with New York-headquartered mobile marketplace operator Cargo Systems Inc.

Based on a model similar to Cargo’s in-car and digital platform, which is used by ride-sharing cars across the US, passengers of Grab&Go-equipped vehicles will be able to browse and retail products and make their purchases by entering a unique five-digit code on a digital menu via their smartphones.

Complimentary product samples will also be available to passengers from time to time. Kellogg’s, Biore UV, Novu and Unilever’s Japanese haircare brand Lux Luminique are some of the brands which Grab&Go is announced to have partnered to distribute such samples.

Once the vehicle is safely stopped, the driver will hand over the products, and the cost of any purchases made will be added to the passenger's Grab fare before final payment is made.

According to a media statement by Grab on Monday, driver-partners providing the new Grab&Go service on their vehicles stand to earn an additional $75-250 each month with the opportunity to also improve their ratings.

Driver-partners will also earn money each time a passenger uses Grab&Go regardless of whether a purchase was made or a sample was given away for free – while riders will enjoy “the perks of having everyday essentials within arm’s reach” on their end, it adds.

Currently, Grab&Go is only available in Singapore and also marks Cargo’s first overseas expansion beyond the US.

Following the Singapore launch, Grab and Cargo are planning to expand their Grab&Go offerings to other Southeast Asian markets.

Nash Islam, Head of Regional Advertising, Grab, calls the firm’s latest partnership with Cargo a “win-win for both drivers and passengers” as it gives the former an opportunity to earn more passive income while delivering more value to the latter.

“Through co-branded licensing deals with global rideshare leaders like Grab, we will help drivers earn more, create a new distribution channel for brands, and develop the next generation of passenger experience worldwide,” adds Cargo’s founder, Jeff Cripe.