PETRONAS’ LNG Bunkering Vessel (LBV) solution delivers cleaner fuel direct to off-shore customers. Photo: PETRONAS

While fossil fuels will remain core to the global energy mix, PETRONAS has continued to invest and promote the use of cleaner energy from low carbon sources. In the space of natural gas, PETRONAS has sustained its market position as one of the leading Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) providers globally, having delivered over 11,000 cargoes since the establishment of its first LNG production complex in Bintulu, Sarawak, in 1983.

PETRONAS’ formation of the Gas and New Energy (GNE) clean energy business testifies to its commitment to provide cleaner energy solutions covering natural gas, renewables and hydrogen. As a progressive energy and solutions partner, the GNE business division strives to ensure long term value creation and profitable growth to its partners by providing innovative and ‘end-to-end’ customer-centric solutions. Today, the GNE division functions as PETRONAS’ one-stop centre for cleaner energy solutions through advocacy, market development and innovative solutions.

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As an integrated global LNG player with over 37 years’ experience, PETRONAS continues to lead the industry through its focus on customer-centricity and innovation, to provide a reliable and sustainable source of cleaner energy for customers. Over the years, PETRONAS has invested heavily in developing modern technologies to maximise hydrocarbon resources while reducing its environmental footprint.


The LNG Bunkering Vessel (LBV) solution offers significant improvements over conventional port and fluid transfer systems by reduced loading period, requiring less dock space, as well as increased safety and reliability. Photo: PETRONAS

Delivering energy needs in a responsible manner is now more important than ever. This is where PETRONAS’ latest LNG solutions play an important role – to ensure its customers’ cleaner energy needs are met in a sustainable manner.

Out at sea and to promote the use of LNG as a cleaner marine fuel, the PETRONAS LNG Bunkering solution helps shipowners and vessel operators to power their vessels with LNG. Introduced in November 2020, the LNG Bunkering solution was realised with the arrival of PETRONAS first LNG Bunkering Vessel (LBV), the MV Avenir Advantage, which is South East Asia’s first dedicated LBV. More importantly, the LNG Bunkering solution supports the implementation of International Maritime Organisation (IMO) 2020 regulations to limit carbon impact from the marine industry.

The LNG Bunkering Vessel solution is a testament of how PETRONAS places customers at the heart of everything they do while continuing to prioritise sustainability as a core area for the organisation to play a role in creating a greener future.

As a progressive energy and solutions partner to meet the call for cleaner energy and provide uninterrupted accessibility to its customers, PETRONAS remains committed to provide solutions that enrich lives. Meeting the challenge of becoming a net-zero Company by 2050 will not be easy, but PETRONAS will never stop pushing for progress to provide sustainable solutions for their customers, employees and for the world. 

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