SINGAPORE (Sept 27): Nearly a third of Singaporean millennials are unsure of or regretted choosing their course in university or polytechnic.

To be exact, one in three or 32.5% of young Singaporeans feel this way, while 22.2% of them were unsure why they chose their current career path.

Happi, a mobile micro-survey platform, conducted a survey with 640 Singapore-based respondents, aged 18 to 64, as part of its Workforce of the Future series looking into the professional challenges and expectations of young local talent.

Greg Lipper, founder of Happi says, “The Workforce of the Future series shows that young Singaporean talent - although driven by the need to succeed - are still struggling to find their place in a professional workplace setting.”

About 18.1% of respondents have selected the healthcare industry as the ideal sector to work in, given that they had a second chance to choose their career, barring any external factors such as pressure from family.

The banking and finance sector came in second place at 13.5%, followed by the media and entertainments industry with 12.2%.

“Although most of the respondents said they were driven by a passion for their career path and a lifelong knowledge of their desire for their chosen field, a significant number are also unsure how they ended up on the the track they did - while a small portion even chose their path due to pressure from their parents,” comments Lipper.