After enjoying a steady increase in its share price since November 2020, before reaching highs of over 7 cents in late February, shares in Oceanus plunged 2.1 cents or 32.8% as at 11.03am to 4.3 cents.

Shares in Oceanus went to a high of 7.6 cents on March 1 after the company posted earnings of $3.1 million in the FY2020, reversing from its losses from the year before.

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On March 2, shares in the company closed at 6.4 cents before it plunged to 3.9 cents as at 10.15am on March 3.

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The unusual movement triggered a query from the Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) at 10.30am, the third in the past two months.

SGX RegCo has asked Oceanus to reveal any information that may be material and price-sensitive, and that it is compliant with the listing rules.

As at 11.17am, shares in Oceanus fell further, 2.3 cents lower or 35.9% down, at 4.1 cents.

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