SINGAPORE (Dec 10): Shares in MindChamps PreSchool fell as much as 7.2% on Tuesday, before recovering slightly to close 5.2% lower, or down 2.5 cents, at 46 cents.

This comes despite the company saying it is “not aware” of any information that might explain the “unusual trading activity” in the counter on Dec 9.

Singapore Exchange Regulation (SGX RegCo) at 4.21pm on Monday had queried MindChamps on unusual price movements in its shares, after the counter fell as much as 24.8%.

From its previous close at 50.5 cents on Dec 6, shares in MindChamps had plunged to 38 cents at around 4pm on Dec 9, before climbing back to 48 cents just half an hour later.

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In response to the SGX query, MindChamps said in a filing close to midnight on Dec 9 that it was not aware of any information that might explain the trading.

The company added that it was not aware of any other possible explanation for the trading, such as public circulation of information by rumours or reports.

However, MindChamps confirmed that it has complied with the listing rules of the SGX.

The share price decline on Tuesday brings MindChamps down a total of 8.9% so far this week.